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Feeling Betrayed

Feeling Betrayed

My sister and I used to be close . When she got pregnant with her second child , I accidentally let slip to my dad she was pregnant again. And she quit talking to me . Told family I was dramatic. It’s been almost 2yrs and I’ve never met my second nephew. She won’t even acknowledge my daughters . Ignores them in public . I’m angry . I’m sad . My neighbors are the ones who told me it was a boy . And I’m wondering if I’ll ever see my nephews again . It hurts when people in the public don’t know that I haven’t talked to her in two yrs and bring her up to me . Cause I just say I don’t know and walk away . I think about her and my nephews all the time . I’m bottling up how I feel . Because no one gives a rats . So I just don’t say anything at all. Puts a lot of stress on the heart . Maybe this rant will help me feel better .
anonymous Home October 31, 2020 at 5:35 am 0
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i think you should try to talk to her, if she doesn't want to text her. tell her that you're sorry. but why would she be so angry about this and hold this grudge for 2 years? that's just not it.

anonymous 4 weeks ago
"but why would she be so angry about this and hold this grudge for 2 years?"

Two years? Ha! Try being fucked over by someone for twenty years sometime.

By the way, for the most part, anyone that tells you that they have your best interests at heart is probably trying to sell you a bridge... Or advertising... Or more insurance than you need... Or just simply wants your vote.
anonymous 4 weeks ago
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