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Enslaved by commercials

Enslaved by commercials

The United States is enslaved and they love it. I have gone years without having to see them and I am in a room full of people mindlessly.

My retarded cousin exclaimed "You finally know who Flow is!" I don't care! My cousin is an ugly ginger so I can see why she would excite at seeing one on TV.

Why do people buy things they don't need? Why do they let themselves be led to stores to buy junk? Because we live in a world of television addicted slaves. I pray to save their souls. I pray to whatever there is and plead; end this pandemic of the mind!
anonymous Religion January 27, 2020 at 11:32 pm 0
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I wish We the people would spam advertisers and marketers with unsolicited nonsense until they too feel too dull and unfocused to continue being "useful". An eye for an eye. They owe us more like a few hundred million pairs of eyes, but one is a good start..
anonymous 4 weeks ago
LOL YES! I am trying to swear off revenge. I lived for it and it blackens the soul but I thought that before, and it was iN Seinfeld lol a telemarketer calls "Oh that sounds nice, can I have your home phone number and we can talk about it later?" "Im not giving you my home phone number..." "THEN WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME AT MINE?!?"

And the sheer volume of spam mail. I have to spend 10 min going through garbage lolol the ad people should have to have their eyes forced open like in A Clockwork Orange and watch every ad they've made!

I bet they will when they die. You reap what you sow :) lol
OPanonymous 4 weeks ago
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