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So I started dating this guy and not gonna lie, he's not really my type. Like not at all and honestly I could get better but I was lke why not, he seems nice. After weeks oft texting and going out and all it starts again: He starts ignoring my messages. Doesn't really text back in an interacing way and all that. And honestly I've really been through it alll like really: THROUGH IT ALL! Always and really every fucking time I get fucked over by guys and all I do with every guy i meet is start to get my hopes up and all that dumb stuff. Like when I meet someone that I like, I usually just wanna talk to them all day and stuff and in the start the other person does so too but after some weeks all that affection that they showed in the start, starts fading and I HATE it. Why me? Like I don't get what I do wrong. I'm never gonna act like those "hard to get" girls, that won't text you back for hours just for you to chase them?? If I like you, I'll show you that and won't just lose my interest overnight. Especially this year has really messed me up when it comes to dating cause all that happens is bad, i could not tell you about one guy in my life that didn't leave me. They always wanna leave and then come back a few months later im just so so DONE! The worst thing is just that with every additional guy my trust issues and also my constant need of reassurance increases cause they really all seem the same. And I know I should just start to not give a fuck but I can't, I love too hard and too fast for the wrong people and all that with every single guy. The thing I also don't understand is guys saying stuff like; I want something longterm, something serious, i really like you and wanna get to know you and the next day all they wanna do is ignore me i cant do this shit anymore. Why me gosh!!!! All I want is someones honesty and love, idc about anything else, im sooo easy to love but when you start acting all weid and distant all of a sudden don't be suprised about me being mad and upset. So in conclusion: Thank you, thank you for fucking me over every single time, thank you for not making me able to trust, needing your constant reassurance and being so hard to love. That's it I think i don't even know anymore but yeah :)
Melissa Dating September 30, 2020 at 10:00 am 1
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"he's not really my type. Like not at all and honestly I could get better but I was like why not"

You should not have dated him in the first place. Glad he left your psycho ass.
Maybe he realized you didn't like him in the first place
TruthHurtsBitch 1 month ago
Your not alone in feing that way I feel the same way to about guys beat advice I can give us don't be afraid of being in your own and doing you. The right tome will come then for you to be the right person. That's all :)
Anonymous 1 month ago
I'm so over dating because I feel exact same way as you do I'm so over it already I've given up tired of liars and jackasses. It's boring me so much now I snoring I'm starting to find really attractive guys not that attractive anymore because I'm sick to death of people's bullshit and crap.
Anonymous 1 month ago
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