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Dumb fucks training me

Dumb fucks training me

They are half my age and act retarded. Their methods are stupid and more strenuous than they need to be and they get onto you over the slightest things when they are constantly fucking shit up. MY WAY IS NOT WRONG AND THERE IS MORE THAN JUST YOUR BACKWARDS ASS WAY.

One guy CAN NOT ever stay on task for shit. Constantly joking around with his idiot friends instead of working. Then questions you about what you're doing. My job would be so much easier without these fucks. How did they get their job again?

They goof around and go on pretend bathroom breaks every 20 minutes and then wonder why they don't get shit done. Fucking losers.

I am micromanaged to no end and is makes the work that is easy turn into a chore. If these retards can hold down a job then anything is possible.
anonymous Work September 27, 2023 at 5:21 pm 0
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