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so i have this best friend that has all the classes with my crush and i um, have NONE. She started talking to him and she always asks me for him and that’s just weird and i don’t want anything to happen yk help?
Sarah Dating August 13, 2019 at 11:47 pm 0
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omg i totally relate, today this guy i hv talking to, dumped me for my BEST FRIEND. if i were you, i wld talk to her abt how you feel abt him, and go from there!
anonymous 4 months ago
Kids. I wouldn't bother trying manipulate anyone or the situation. The fact of the matter is, this girl has classes with this dude and likes him. They are either going to hit it off or not. Nothing you can do about it, except find opportunities yourself to try and talk to him and see where that gets you. Crushes are silly infatuations. You don't know someone until you know them, and sometimes, they turn out to be people you would have rathered not wasting your time on. You try, and at the end of the day whatever happens, happens. Real talk. Good luck.
anonymous 4 months ago
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