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Crappy Coles

Crappy Coles

First of all I am so glad I found this website and I am sure my wife will award the founder a medal as she will have to put up with far less of my crap from now on.

So I work in a fine dining restaurant with a very good reputation and just imagine your sitting there towards the end of your meal and the staff turn off the music, start vacuuming under your feet and ask you to lift your own plate off the table so they can start cleaning down underneath. I am sure you would be outraged, you would leave a bad review which would result in bad reputation and drop of customers. It would be unacceptable, so why then do we not expect the same service everywhere during our day to day lives. We put up with crap everywhere else we spend our hard earned dollars, we are taught to make exceptions at the end of someones shift or we accept that less staff will be there to cater to our needs at the conclusion of a trading day or up until they actually close.

I usually am the sole shopper in my household and as this week fell on a long weekend I ran out of time to do my usual Tuesday weekly shop at midday intending to do it after my shift tonight which left me an hour to get all my shopping done before the store closed.

I rounded up my weekly shop in half an hour leaving me half an hour before store close. As I approached the checkout with a full (overflowing) trolley I was told no checkouts were open anymore and directed through the self checkout (also keeping in mind there was probably another 50 people in store I wasn't the only shopper). I then proceeded to scan my items place them in the bag and then having no where else to put them I had to place them on the floor until my trolley cleared out enough to play the awful Jenga game of whats been scanned and can go back in and what hasn't.

It was at this point I realised two things firstly that I could quite easily not scan some things recouping the money they are saving by not hiring enough staff late at night (which I didn't do because I'm too damn honest) and secondly that if any person was to walk into my restaurant and see me placing food on the floor we would be crucified and have reviews written and most definitely lose customers. Yet somehow in our backwards society where the rich always get richer and the poor just suffer, here I am placing my family's food on the floor of a public space where who knows who has been with there tinea ridden bare feet. Then the big wigs at the top of these big corporations can line there big fat pockets.

bottom line is I payed exactly what I would have if I had of had better service no discount no cheaper late night price. Yet they still get away with under paying there staff and give us crappy service so they can benefit. I for one wont be shopping at this particular shop anymore even though I'm sure its a wide spread Coles issue not just this particular store.

When will we demand better service from these clowns.
Nathan Other January 29, 2020 at 7:28 am 0
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They would treat you just as badly at McDonalds or HESS. Not putting your food on the ground. But in other ways. How the employees act. How they treat the exchange. Those places aren't human. They're product delivery lines. It's hard to find human grocery stores. The whole idea of a grocery store is like a product line. You deserve better, you're not a product receptacle. :(
anonymous 1 month ago
thank you anonymous very well said! we are not products
Nathan 4 weeks ago
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