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I take my springer out every week I don’t over push him as taking him out everyday day can be harmful, he’s a working dog also a rescue though we still got a long way to go main struggle if he got the chance to go for a kid he would. I know it might sound bad to say but I don’t trust him one bit, tho I can’t blame him for how he is. When I say he’s a working dog I don’t mean he’s straight up a working dog, I’ve been going at his pace for now it’s more him hunting the rats in our garden. I took him to a park right by mine because there’s a massive field we both run on (he stays on a lead)-as his recall is not that good, a man was there with a staff, not an xl or anything just a staff. And of course the dog was off leash ran straight up to us the dog was overfed nails on it was long I kinda felt bad for the dog. Thought he started growling I didn’t want that dog to cause a scene I’m not one for conflict I know some things out out of our control, so
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