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Conditioned laughter

Conditioned laughter

There is something going on lately that is starting to really creep me out.

People would hold a conversation, and every 20 seconds to a minute, they would laugh. They are not telling jokes to each other, or talking about stuff anybody would really find funny, but it's :LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH:. The laughs don't even sound like genuine laughs, but more like something being faked, or a person being told to do.

Not only is it annoying when you are trying to get work done, or relaxing, again, it's creepy, like some weird Pavlonian shit.

I don't laugh during normal conversations, neither do a lot of people. But this seems to be some rather new shit that is getting more and more prevalent.
anonymous Other November 21, 2020 at 9:46 pm 0
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anonymous 2 weeks ago
Anonymous 2 weeks ago
Psychologists A. Peter McGraw and Caleb Warren proposed a theory about the role played by “benign violations” in humor. In a nutshell, they believe that something is funny when it violates our expectations about how things ought to be—for example, when punch lines in jokes and pratfalls by competent, dignified people surprise us with events that we did not see coming. The violation of social norms and taboos are also out of the ordinary, and hence amusing to us, as long as they don't cross a line and become morally offensive or threatening to us in some way.

(Psychology Article Online)
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"they believe that something is funny when it violates our expectations about how things ought to be"

Damn, there must be a lot of 'violating' going on, as this part is the closest thing possible going on here, but I sincerely doubt it.

The more plausable explaination is that this is just more of the fakery and bullshit of our modern society, mixed in with pop 'psychology'.

Maybe some qwack who got his degree from the Hollywood Upstairs Medical College spouted some moronic shit like "laughing frequently while you talk is good for you" on one of those daytime babble TV shows aimed at gold-digging 'housewives', in order to get them to buy his books, and now the idea spread throughout American society (through Facebook, etc). I dunno.

Too bad the laughs I always hear sound fake and forced. A real laugh (the type you hear when something is actually funny) sounds much different.

Well whatever the case may be, I hope this stupid trend/fad dies out soon. I wish the same on the fad of carrying phones around blasting mu-crap through it's tinny speaker like it's a boombox.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
I hear this all the time too and it's creepy. Like they are about to snap and do some horror movie shit!
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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