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Christian backlash lol

Christian backlash lol

What a joke. The most violent and hypocritical group of them all, religion. The christians hate and kill. The muslims hate and kill.
Fuck all religion. Try being a good and loving person without dogma.
anonymous Political October 18, 2020 at 1:44 am 1
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"Do not let them take away your power." -Barack Obama on my YouTube ads 2020
anonymous 1 week ago
Yeah, the most hypocritical group are religions. I hate them and am in my way out of the most glorious and righteous religion, the "Only True Religion, The God Approves", Islam.

Though, I'm really concerned about one thing. In what way could I teach morals to the next generations? It's not like I have extensive knowledge about psychology, sociology, or even morals as seen by other religions.

Also how to have a bit of control on how the next gen sees the good and bad. Religions are best in being a tool of control and pressure. If I am to leave that thing, will I resort to more violent ways? I fear this. I mean like I know they are just a bunch of bullshits and lies, w/ some cute fairytales, but at least the next gen will have this same cursed viewpoint as me as the result of it.
Poopsie 1 week ago
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