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Children restrctions

Children restrctions

Help me out with this thought here

So we are all aware of the problem of poverty stricken parents having more kids than they should.
We are aware of parents that abuse their kids, that hold them emotionally hostage even into adulthood
We know of the kind of parents that drive there kids lives into the ground before the kid even has lived his own life.
We are aware of shitty parents.

How the hell do you fight something like that.
We have to be able to identify what criteria is needed to make a good parent
Their social standing, wealth, mental state, married? Single? Probably more variables.. maybe location?

Next, how to keep people from having kids until they meet the criteria.
First thing to my mind is sterilize them at birth or after puberty? Maybe at 18?
Not sure how that kind of thing would effect a growing child soo maybe just at 18..
The surgery is reversible, with risks of course but when your playing government you dont often look at the individual but the pop. As a whole. So average Joe who didnt get his balls working again when he met the criteria can adopt foster or surrogate.

So we have criteria to meet to gain your parenting license.. shit let's throw a class in there for the parents to learn how not to fuck their kids up.
Renew the license at every age milestone the child has.

Hmm, upon license renewal one will under go the criteria screening again the score of the parents would be the average btwn them.

If they fail then there could be a system to put them back on track.. Basically once they are ok'd to have kids it has to be difficult to separate them unless the parents regress and become hostile or neglectful. Unforeseen circumstances such as loss of job, health conditions, or death etc. are overlooked after the child is born.

Hmm, if ones surgery didnt work and they have a kid accidentally, they are put through the screening to see if they qualify, if not they have the three choices of how to get rid of a baby, abort adopt surrogate. Maybe there could be an infancy foster program. If there isnt already.
Children conceived by minors will be subject to the choices above. No exceptions for minors.

.....did i miss anything? No doubt right..
What would you add/change?
Do you think that we as a civilization have a responsibility to make sure that the new generations are born under safe conditions that set them up for a good life?
Or are you ok with ppl having 5 kids so they can get a check, and can you be ok with a mentally unstable person with a criminal history and life of violence to have a child and be the sole provider?
If your ok with that.. you dont meet my criteria and should not have kids.

anonymous Political January 29, 2020 at 10:33 am 0
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I agree with this 100% because it makes sense and has reasoning behind it and im all up for this to be a real thing.
anonymous 1 month ago
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