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Butt wiped with beach towel

Butt wiped with beach towel

So I had this friend many years ago who was dating a total ball-buster. She was just a nasty, hateful pain in the ass, and none of us liked her. He kept her around, though, because she gave him that sweet poonanny. She even gave him a BJ once in front of me. That was fun. I wanted to videotape them doing it to launch my career in adult film, but she chickened out. He did take some naked Polaroids of her, and I stole one from his dresser. I kept it for a while, but then I made the mistake of showing it to another friend, who ratted me out, and the guy demanded it back.

Anyway, on one occasion, the guy actually came to his senses and broke up with her. He was so happy, he ordered a large supreme pizza all for himself, and ate it to celebrate. He and I decided to go clubbing the following evening, but before we got there, he was already feeling the need to shit. It eventually overpowered him, and he pulled over his shiny red sports car on a lonely road. I sat patiently in the passenger seat as he dashed into the woods and sprayed pizza diarrhea on the helpless roadside flora and fungi. He had already shit his pants and underwear a little, so he had to ball them up and throw them away. Fortunately, he had his gym bag in the car, which included a pair of swim trunks and a big beach towel.

I laughed as I saw him in the rear view mirror, wiping his ass thoroughly with that big beach towel, bathed in the red glow of the car's tail lights. He cleaned up adequately, donned the swim trunks, and we went on to the club and had a nice time.
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nice memories
anonymous 1 week ago
You sound like a homo. You were in the car jerking off to your friend taking a shit. Yup your a homo
anonymous 1 week ago
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