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Be careful

Be careful of an IBM manager named Tatana Zitkova. She is the manager of Sharon Tan Chuan May. They're both really corrupted.

Please don't delete this warning. People need to know and defend themselves.
Warning Home July 12, 2021 at 5:49 am 0
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Who are those people? Just asking for a friend.
anonymous 12 months ago
I think they're managers or something. You can search them up on LinkedIn. Ain't hard to find
anonymous 7 months ago
I searched them up. Tatana Zitkova is from Czech Republic under Kyndryl now. Sharon Tan Chuan May is from Malaysia didn't have any updates to her job. Perhaps she has been blacklisted by employers seeing how notorious she is.
Shitty Lim Hui Yi (Not her obviously) 2 weeks ago
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