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i absolutely hate when my grandparents stay over for weeks just because why not. Our house isn’t meant to handle more than three people. It’s absolutely crowded here. I hate how disrespectful they are to the house. They leave behind a messy and do not show any effort to clean it. My grandma “washes” the dishes with just her hand and soap. So fucking dumb. All the plates and cups will have some left over stuff on it from not being clean properly. It got to the point where I don’t eat in the kitchen anymore and just buy tiny snacks for my room. My grandpa is the worst. He farts and burps everywhere. He never closes the door when he uses the bathroom nor he lifts the seat up. He also doesn’t flush or wash his hands. I am responsible for the bathroom and it bothers me so much. I explained to my mom how she needs to tell them to clean after themselves but she doesn’t fucking listen. Every time they visit it’s the same fucking thing. My mom really wants me to treat them with respect but they barely do that to me or the house. Fuck that. My relationship with them isn’t the greatest so I don’t have a deep connection with my whole family. Next time they visit, I will leave for an Airbnb so my mom will be responsible for all of the cleaning. Maybe then she will notice how fucking disgusting her house has become when her parents visit.
anonymous Home October 18, 2020 at 4:51 am 0
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My grand parents from my moms side were very nice. But, from my fathers side, I hate 'em. The utmost hate I can give to any person in the world. They are define-able by only the word 'evil'. And they fucking are still alive spreading chaos while the loving, nice, smart, respectable ones are long gone.
Poopsie 1 week ago
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