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Aaah I hate this person I m sorry

Aaah I hate this person I m sorry

There's this girl who I've been in the same class with like 2 times, but I've known her for basically as long as I've been at this school. And it's just.. she's so annoying. Like I don't even know how to explain it, I think you should be there to understand. She talks very loud and is attention seeking and sucks up to the teachers and such.

I overheard one of my teachers last year telling her that they would nominate her for an award at grad, but she's not at the grade where you graduate. And that basically is complete garbage because I knew for a fact there were many more people in that class/grade who were more knowledgeable/skilled or whatever, but since that teacher's lowkey racist (she's white lmao) and she talks to all the teachers she gets an award? Also he's racist because I'm Asian and he kept calling me the name of this other Asian girl who didn't even look like me fr she was completely different. Fortunately that teacher is now gone loll

I was relieved this year when she was not in my class, but I still keep seeing her. I know it's inevitable since we go to the same school after all, but she makes a point of coming to my homeroom at lunch. Why? To come talk/yell at this poor sad Asian boy in my class. He's kinda popular and hangs out with the 'kool kidz' but he's an exploitable doormat so ig he can put up with her. Tbh everyone kinda lowkey thinks she's annoying too so I'm just guessing she has no friends in her homeroom and has to hang out with this guy (he was in her class last year too and became friends).

Tbh, since this is anon I'll speak the truth. I've been friends with this guy since last year but he ended up liking me so I just stopped talking to him lol. But I don't think this is jealousy because I never really liked him cuz he was annoying, had a bad sense of humor, kinda lame, etc. I could go on a rant about this doormat but that's for another day.

But, despite everything, I've tried not to make such a big deal of my dislike for this girl. I wanna be a good person yk? I just try to ignore her and block out her voice when she comes to my homeroom and obnoxiously, loudly, talks. Seriously NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR CONVERSATIONS!!!!!!!

But today was the day that I kinda just.. snapped. Nothing happened, it was internal. Don't worry no one was hurt lol. So basically it was lunch, of course she was freaking in my homeroom talking to her one (1) friend because he's the only person who can put up with her. And I hear her, VERY loudly say something like..
'I HATE you, (doormat)! You got me into Kpop!'

And this. I hate this. I hate this SO MUCH. I cannot even explain how much this irks me. I hope you can understand, reader, how much I hate. Just this.

I am a kpop fan. To be more specific, just a BTS stan. And I do not want to share an interest with this annoying person??????

I don't even know how to write our my feelings right now. It's so chaotic. Maybe I'll make a list.

1. Stop invading my interest
Look, I'm basically the only BTS stan at school. The stupid Asian guy is a quote on quote fan but we all know he was faking it to get closer to me. Ugh, I also hate that guy but as I said before it's for another day. And to have this person I hate so much, take even a shallow interest in my Bangtan is seriously. I know it sounds stupid but really. I'm so emotionally attached to them and they're gonna go and taint it? And plus she's white lmao ik it's kinda racist but they're Asian lol. Since I'm in a western country of course I grew up looking at the typical beauty standard white guy. But I never liked them. I thought they were ugly. Guys were ugly. I never understood one direction or anything. But when I saw BTS, they were just so good really in every way. And I didn't know people could be that pretty. But she's literally white! Or as she loves to specify so much, freaking Albanian! Just go look at your stupid white guys! I know it's racist but why do you need to take interest in my freaking niche!?

2. Shallow interest
Lol, we all know that this girl probably doesn't even like them. She probably just watched like one or two beginner stan guides on YouTube. Ugh, seriously. Also, she's probably only quote on quote 'becoming a fan', and 'watching BTS stuff' because she wants to get closer to the doormat. Tbh it kinda irks me because she's kinda copying me because last year me and filthy doormat were BTS fans together before I decided he was dumb and cut him off. And we were apparently best friends (his words not mine loll) so getting replaced by someone that bad is kinda an insult to me?? Lmao. Also she most likely has a crush on him, since she's been following him around and making plenty of physical contact since last year. Which is perfect, they're the perfect couple, made in heaven! One annoying person + another annoying person! Love it! Couple goals!

Reader, you really cannot comprehend how much I dislike this turn of events. If I hear them 'discussing' BTS (we all know that they barely know ANYTHING about BTS anyway) in my homeroom, I'll flip a desk. In their direction. I really just really dislike her, her personality, her everything. But at least we're not in the same class, right? That's a positive thing, at least.

I just. I really don't like it at all. How can you go and invade my peace/safe space/love/passion/everything just because you have a crush on a doormat? And they're really such fake fans. Who are they even faking for at this point lmao. I'm so sick of it. I know it's gatekeeping but really I'm such a bigger fan. I draw all my inspiration from them. I watch their videos all the time. Look at tweets about them. Look at fanfiction and fanart. They inspire me. I've spent so, so, so much time on them. I love them so much. I have so much affection for these 7 people. I know everything about them, I've watched so many concerts, run eps, packages, documentaries, clips, vlives, etc. I'm so attached and full of love, for the first time ever.

And for this person I dislike oh so very much to come in with such a shallow 'interest'. I don't even. I want to hurl like a ruler or something at her next time she comes to my class. I hope it combos or something and hits the doormat too lol. Ugggghh just awful. The worst. I'm so sorry for being hateful and writing such an awful rant, but I really just needed to let it out. I really am trying to be a good non judgmental person but really I can't help it when it comes to a person like this?? Like step back, b-. Know your place? Everyone thinks you're annoying but just doesn't say anything. And how even dare you even look at Bangtan. You don't know anything about them. You don't understand at all, seriously. Are you trying to colonize kpop now or smth? I know how bad this sounds, but really, in my school, I'm the biggest fan. I love them so much, all 7. I am so hopelessly in love and constantly in adoration of each one. Everyone knows this. I'm sure you do too. So step off. It's my interest. My safe place. My happiness. Mine??? You UNDERSTAND this. Just leave me alone. Leave my tannies alone. Ugh.

Anyways stan BTS haha
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