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You are not an expert on everything Uncle Dave

You are not an expert on everything Uncle Dave

Okay, you were a botanist. That's fabulous. Nobody who knew anything about botany could deny that you're a smart man who achieved a lot intellectually and put it to good use. Nobody is denying that. In fact, show me someone dumb enough to deny it and I will tell them to fuck off myself.

That being said, you were a botanist. That means there are a lot of other things that you never were and still aren't. I really wish you would recall this when we interact again this holiday season. You're Mom's brother, therefore she loves you, and therefore I wish you well. Nevertheless I can't put on whatever brand of rose colored glasses she uses to look past your astounding arrogance.

You are not a career planning or marketing specialist. You've read some things, but did you notice what happened when in sheer desperation as a very young lady indeed I acted on your unsolicited advice? Kind of embarrassing, wasn't it? It cost me what, $15k? $20k I didn't have? And you were backpedaling how hard to avoid any sense of blame? Please don't pontificate any further on my career and business practices. I'm 43, I'm reasonably successful and confident, and I am not listening to you anymore. You're just annoying me now.

Another thing you aren't is an art critic. Even if you were, I don't make the things I make for you to criticize. That's why I don't show you any of the things I make anymore, even the art that made it into a no kidding published book. I'm published and you have no idea because I know you would just find fault somehow. I'm altogether amazed at my mother's choice to respect my wishes and not brag about this to you.

Finally, you're not a doctor. You remember those courses I took on nursing when I was delusional enough to think I might enjoy bowing down to asshole doctors for a living? Yeah, I learned more about human anatomy and physiology in three fucking quarters than you know. Please don't be trying to diagnose me with some random shit any fool could see that I don't have, and for the love of God knock off the snide remarks about my diet and exercise habits. You wanna see where your screwed up ideas about health and fitness take someone? Look in a mirror and take in what you see. On second thought, let's not risk a misunderstanding that this is about appearance when it's about the most basic aspects of health. You are so out of shape you groan getting out of a chair, that is when you can be bothered to stand up. Do you think that's a good sign? I sure don't. Maybe you don't know quite everything. Just maybe.
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