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Work Shirts

Work Shirts

Ok. So for work I have 3 different types of work shirts. I have a total of 4 work shirts. Even though I have bought all of these work shirts I'm apparently only wear one type for 6 days straight. On sunday, a hot sauce bottle spills all over my work uniform. My boss's wife complains to me that I should only wear that specific shirt. Even though I have explained to her my washing machine is broken and it takes a minimun of two days to dry my clothes. I have bought all of my work shirts from her and I can't wear them. Each of them cost $10-12 each. I should be able to wear all my work shirts because I paid for them and it is gross to wear a shirt for sooo long and not wash it. This lady gets mad at the strangest and littlest things. It is crazy and annoying hearing this. All of my other coworkers feel the same.
anonymous Work September 11, 2019 at 9:57 pm 0
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This is funny. I bet you are kidding.
- Is you boss's wife autistic? They can be very rigid in their ways and like things in a particular way.
- How do you get your shirts so cheap? I buy shirts for my family members and they do not come so cheap.

Oshin's daughter 5 months ago
It's funny that your broken washing machine cleans your clothes so quickly but your working dryer takes at least two days to dry them.

Just out of curiosity, what is the difference between all of your "work" shirts? Are they different colors? Different styles? Different materials?

I agree about wearing the same shirt for a long time without washing... It is gross. I only do it because shirts absorb perspiration... Which leads to odours... Which repels the "undesirables".

anonymous 5 months ago
Absolutely 100% serious about this comment/post, this is real. I'm honestly curious what other people think of this situation. All the shirts are cheaply made so that is why they are cheap in price.
anonymous 5 months ago
If they're so cheap why not just buy more of the same shirt your bosses wife wants you to wear? And you didn't answer the question about the differences between all of the shirts you bought. You remind me of the people I'm up against; tell tales that leave many questions and then refuse to answer any of the questions. The original responder is probably right: Your rant is a (launching a euphemism from "be nice" silo one.) joke.
anonymous 5 months ago
I didn't see the other one. It must have been posted while I was writing. All the shirts are orange, but different shades and different material. I don't want to give the boss's wife more money if she is going to keep changing shirts after a month or two. Plus buying another one means wasting more money on a shirt that I will have to change again. I have bills to pay. I can't be wasting money on shirts I can't go wear in public since it has the company logo on it. Plus the pay isn't very good either. And one more note: she is very particular on who can wear what. There are some employees who still wear the light orange shirt.
anonymous 5 months ago
Why are you prancing around like a fool for [eople who don't care if you die in the gutter? Fuck them.

It would be fun to piss in the boss's coffee, plant a virus to erase their entire computer system, steal office supplies and computer equipment, and burn that work shirt in front of the stuck up bitch as you call her an ugly, dirty, cheap whore.
anonymous 5 months ago
"And one more note: she is very particular on who can wear what. There are some employees who still wear the light orange shirt."

People like that bitch are the kind of people I want to gut like a fish.

I would dump an entire pot of coffee over her head and call her a dirty whore, and I would tell the husband that she's been sleeping around behind his back.
anonymous 5 months ago
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