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Work farts

I just farted so loud at work that it bellowed down the hall and echoed off the walls. Amazing how much fluctuance can happen at a front desk after sitting all day eating spicy nuggets from Wendy's. Now I have to drop a double-crossed deuce.
Deuce Work August 12, 2022 at 6:52 pm 1
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Next time fart directly into the face of your boss to assert dominance, get an instant raise and 3 promotions.

Don't actually do that though.
Sleve McDichael 2 months ago
You are for sure a candidate for high orifice. Roar forth.
HR Secty 2 months ago
You said you are at the front office so that means you are the secretary or receptionist, which using logical deductive reasoning, tells me that you're most likely a female.

Do you even grasp how utterly repulsive and unacceptable that is for a female to do, let alone talk...BRAG...about?? What do you think your boss would do if he had heard that? You would be out of a job right now sweetheart, and considering what a vulgar, nasty, uncouth female PIG you are, it is doubtful that you have a husband to provide for you, nor any man even willing to try you out as a wife!

That means, you're poor father, who you are already an undue burden upon, would have to go back to taking 100% care of you, more so than he already is, because you would have no source of income at all. I am sure your father has tried with pleading desperation to get every man in your town to take you, with no avail!

Forget getting a good, decent, Christian alpha male at this point you sick cow, you won't even get the lowest form of life on earth to take a second glance at you! You'll end up with some big ,fat, mouth-breathing, obese, stomping, diesel bulldyke with a strapped-on rubber dick, butch hair cut, and "pronouns" that you can run off and play make-believe marriage and house with for awhile, until you realize how fucking pathetic and wasted your life is having no man to provide, protect, and guide you, to keep you faithful, loyal, and godly! Then, you'll be in your mid-thirties before you know it, childless, nothing to offer a man, nothing to bring to the table at all, with a gaping out dripping roast beef twat, after years of taking unnatural fake store-bought penis that size of a negro's arm, that tore up your most vital and important part, that makes you a woman! You'll be a piss-smelling, soiled crazy cat lady, or "dog mom", with a bunch of crusted over piercings, blue or purple hair you'll have clear into your forties or older, and still thinking you're going to land a good guy to step in and help rehabilitate you into a real lady with purpose!

You're young enough now to stop being a wretched, revolting, foul barn creature, and learn to be LADY LIKE, and act like a LADY is expected to act! What happened to women? What happened to your humility, dignity, self-respect? What happened to you having at least enough brain cells in that pea-sized female brain of yours, to understand what men like, and what men recoil at? Women never used to act the way you females are acting now, and that is why you're not "women" or "ladies", your females, foids, froids, feminazis,....cunts, snatches, bitches, twats, whatever.....because you EARNED all that, and if you want to be considered women and ladies again, you better EARN that all back.

You FOIDS sure aren't the WOMEN our mothers and grandmothers used to be! My Mom would have DIED before she broke wind in front of another person, especially in a professional setting, or around men or my father! My mother waited to use the bathroom until my father left the house to go work on our ranch all day, and when he came home, she held it until he left the room to go have a drink in his office, or outside in the shed, or went out with his friends, or his church's men's group, or went to bed!

Women used to be CARE about what men thought, and were appalled at the idea as coming across like farting, bleeding, defecating, belching livestock! Now, you left feminism and liberalism tell you that it is empowering, assertive, and "taking control" for you to act like drunken sailor dudes, and it is "body positive" for you to think being beached land whales with endless running mouths and apparently, endless farting assholes!

So much depravity in our society, and it is so disappointing and reprehensible to see young females, in their prime, still good for the takin', still ripe and fertile, and then...they you all end up like this. Total and complete waste of a female, future wife, and a female to carry our seed and be our helpers as God intended for you.

I am a very wise, successful, financially secure, faithful, pious and level-headed, logical and aware, older man in my early fifties now, and there are plenty of you females I could help out, and train to be better, but now you all think that you have special rights and privileges, and can do whatever you want, so you do that....and then end up worthless, hateful, bitter, and insufferable hags, nags, and drags!
SL's Ranch 2 months ago
Yeah and now someone will rat you out, and you will discover your entry keycard no longer works come next workday. Yeah, they do terminate employees like this. And you will find it hard or even impossible to get another job because "reason for termination" will follow you wherever you go, all because you decided to be a royal ass.

Great job, sport!
anonymous 2 months ago
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