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Women are not funny

Women are not funny

Watched some celebrity roasts tonight, and realize that I can't stand watching female comics. Rather it be in stand-up, doing roasts, or just on TV or movies. Women are NOT funny. In addition to that female comedians are entirely interchangeable and predictable. Every female relies on sarcasm, cynicism, man-hating remarks, small penis jokes, drawn out diatribe about mocking her mother for just being a mother, then on about her vagina, and all the black men she's fucked. If she's fat, she tosses in few comments about her lard ass, and expects the world to find it "sassy and fun" because "she can poke fun at herself"

Take Melissa McCarthy for example: Every single movie she's ever done, she has played the same type of cast of character. Every. Single. One. Even on SNL, it was the same caricature. There is NO diversity among female comedians, at all. They can do one role, and that is the satire driven bitter, over worked, jaded single woman or fat chick. In movies where women are funny, it is because men were involved in making that movie, writing and directing the script.

Women are just not meant to be funny by nature. There is no reason for them to be. Men are funny, because it serves a purpose, the same way that it's the male of many species who has the most splendid, ostentatious and colorful attributes, like the male peacock. It is meant to attract and impress the female for mating. Humor in male humans is similar to that. That is why men are so quick witted and can land a punchline on the spot in social situations. Women don't need to be in the ones leading the conversation or trying to rouse a chuckle out of others, because women naturally can are the ones being chased in nature, not doing the chasing. That's just how it is. And with that said, it is actually rather unattractive and off-putting when a woman tries to inject vulgar, brass, low rent and raunchy humor into a conversation. It is very out of place, and awkward, and so many female comics rely on this sleazy humor and fall to the lowest common denominator, which doesn't even make men laugh or even slightly amuse us , at all. It only makes other women roar with laughter, and what is the point of that? That also serves no purpose, making other women laugh. It is really embarrassing for men to have to listen to a female comic make crude jokes, and we feel shame for her because it is very inappropriate for her be speaking that way. Women don't know when to pull back and not cross a line either. Certain jokes have to land at the right time, and it has to be funny, not just insulting and offensive, and women fail to gauge that well and go too far.

Just remember ladies, if it isn't something you'd say in front of your father or grandparents, or isn't something you'd say in front of your congregation at church, or something you'd say hosting a party for your husband's coworkers, or isn't something you'd want your kids to find out you said someday (which they will), then do not say it! It's a pretty good rule of thumb! Also remember, that good sense of humor requires a lot of intelligence, smarts, worldly knowledge and wit, and most women lack all of that in comparison to men. Men are just better at things overall than women are, and you ladies need to stop being so irrationally mad and act uppity about that.

Leave the humor to men, who are good at it, who get it, who it was designed for, who created it, and who understand boundaries in that humor.

Women, you'd be much happier, fulfilled and contended in life if you'd acted like women instead of always trying to men. You're all so miserable and haggish all the time, blaming men for your depressive state of mind, but it isn't because of men you hate yourselves. It's because you're not living within your place as women, and doing what you were created to do. You're missing out on the best aspects of your life, by always trying to overpower men and take over what we've naturally been good and excelled out since the beginning of time without effort.
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Imagine being so fragile and insecure that you go on a tangent over seeing a female comedian it hurt your tender feelings.
anonymous 4 months ago
Lardloon never has to worry about drowning in wet pussy anytime in his life. Dry as a desert the women are around this one.
anonymous 4 months ago
You get so easily offended over anything at all Lardass. You see a woman, and unless she's showing 100% interest in you, you suddenly hate her and lose your fucking mind over it. Women don't exist to amuse or please you, and they don't owe you a damn thing.
Belinda 4 months ago
You're right Lardloon, you are funnier than anyone that comes to RR. You're such a pathetic clown you have us all in stiches with your desperate weak little rants trying to convince us all that you're a tough alpha male, when it's obvious you're scared of anything life throws at you outside of your protected MAGA bubble and Trump echo chamber of stupid. Can't imagine why you're single and your wife left you...
Maldeck 4 months ago
STFU LARDLOON!!!!!! Women can be funny too! Also, men and women are as good and bas as each other; you’re just a misogynistic rat who wants women to be slaves to men and who also just wants to have sex!

No wonder your wife left you!
anonymous 4 months ago
anonymous 4 months ago
He is 100% correct. Most of the rants on here are from little girls and effeminate boys, aged 12-15. Glad to see a real man say what the rest of these little pissants need to hear. I hope it made your little eyes bleed. And when you type your pathetic response to this comment, I will smile knowing that you are crying while you do so.
anonymous 4 months ago
@ anonymous with his "effeminate boys" remarks.

It never seems to soak into your the thick heads of your delusional simps how obvious you are with your "real man" and "alpha males" remarks all over the internet. The most homoerotic group of "straight" guys on earth, constantly fixated on "real men" with their Trump memes showing him with bulging muscles, sweaty chested , and a giant package doing hypermasculine thing, making you drool and pant, all the while insisting you're the tough guys and all the others are the fayguts.

You come here, slap Lardloon's ass a few times, then send him your down low back alley remarks **wink wink** Sure, jab at women and "effeminate dudes" all you want. We all know who has the rose buds in their search history though, Mr. "real man." HAHA!

Oh, and I am neither a woman nor an effeminate dude, but since I am not questioning my place own masculinity in the world and don't feel uncertain of myself by laughing at a comic, of either gender, I don't feel the need to make a distinction. Here's a clue about your "real men" comment. A real man, doesn't get upset and butthurt over a woman something.
SL and his Butt Buds are Latent AF 4 months ago
Mr Trump will deport all dissenters, scientits, teechers, smarty panters and end this crap and fix yor wagons butt good.
trump4evber 4 months ago
anonymous 4 months ago
Shut up, “effeminate boys” anon! He’s wrong! Also, he’s not a real man at all; he’s in fact a beast and a misogynistic rat because, truth be told, real men treat women with kindness and respect. Take it or leave it, you Lardloon-licker!
anonymous 4 months ago
FuckYouLardass!!! 4 months ago
No bitches?
Person with bitches 4 months ago
No bitches?
Also person with bitches 3 months ago
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