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Why Facebook Live Naked Black Women 10pm 2pm

Why Facebook Live Naked Black Women 10pm 2pm

It is the weirdest thing, its like a black women only thing.
I haven't seen completely naked *white* women on Facebook Live.

Compared to other places, I've seen those naked Facebook Live women presenting their nudity in a mostly non-sexual, non-erotic context like bathing.

The white women seem to like sticking to presenting their body in a sexualized context on other site but the black women seem to like presenting their body in more of a non-erotic nudist context on Facebook.

Last I checked, the only allowable nudity that you can post on Facebook was artistic type stuff such as drawings or cartoons. The full nude, entire coverage body paint slips through despite that though.
anonymous Other July 14, 2018 at 5:45 am 0
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The site cut off my title.
It should read: "WHY FACEBOOK LIVE = NAKED BLACK WOMEN [from] 10PM-2PM?"

To me, viewing those non-compliant Live Streams IS NOT a prelude to masturbation.
My inner compliance officer duty is like "what are they getting away with, what are they trippin on, and how much site abuse are they pushing?"

It seems that they either don't know or don't care about the Facebook terms.
For legal compliance's sake, I think that they should take their nudist oriented live streams to a site that explicitly allows nudity.
anonymous 2 years ago
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Danieljed 1 week ago
I'm not interested in the least. Pinterest is a prime tentacle of the entrenched vaginocracy, you should be fighting for fellow working men but you are instead leeching off of the elevation of fat sex-crazed woman to fatter orgy-having goddess. Well, once a tit sucker always a tit sucker I suppose.
anonymous 1 week ago
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