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Why are Trump haters so violent

Why are Trump haters so violent

It sure seems that the anti-Trump gangs are sure violent. You watch the "protests" across the US in 2020 and it's all left wing nut jobs.
Dwight Political January 12, 2021 at 9:09 pm 6
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Trump supporters are NOT violent. First off, that was Antifa who stormed the Capitol, NOT Trump supporters. Those are PAID actors, BLM, and the likes of Antifa who dressed like Trump supporters and carried Trump flags and banners!

Secondly, there is a BIG difference between a revolution and violence! NOW, what we need IS revolution, but since we as Trump supporters are PEACEFUL people, we won't engage in that. It is BLM and Antifa who have been doing the riots, looting and vandalism the past two years! What makes you think that Trump supporters had anything to do with the Capitol riots???? Trump supporters are just like Trump! Peace loving, family oriented, Godly, and pure at heart! No reason for us to be the violent ones with GOD on our hearts!
Scott L 2 weeks ago
You think antifa stormed the capitol? You're a huge fucking idiot if you think that; probably fat, too.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
No, Scott and Dwight, Trump supporters are the ones that are truly violent because look what they did to Officer Sicknick! You guys are idiots!
anonymous 2 weeks ago
anonymous 2 weeks ago
^PREACH anon #3!!!!!!
FuckTrumpsNaziParty 2 weeks ago
Trump supporters -

Before: Let's organize and storm the capitol!

During: We're storming the capitol!

After: We stormed the capitol... wait I mean, that was antifa!
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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