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warning: this is a very long rant and i just need to let things out i know im overreacting im just VERY upset about it. i dyed my hair maroon the other da
y. MAROON. i wanted to just get the ends done but my hairdressed talked me into sywing my whole head. she told me it was going to be subtle. but now ive washed it and my entire head is bright fucking red, the least subtle hair color you could ask for. im so fucking upset. this is what i fucking look like now. and my mom doesnt carw that i hate it because she spent a lot of money on it. im willing to fucking pay her back but she doesnt care she says it looks fine but i look like jessie from toy stort its so fucking bright and when i first got it dyed it was maroon???????? it changed coloros andbxbbxhcxuxbz im just so fucking mad like. this is what i look like now . school starts in 2 weeks if my hair doesnt fade out by then im going to fucking die i sewdxbxbcbcb its so fucking bright i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i yate it i fuckignf fhdhwx im so fucking upset its so ugly
e Body August 13, 2019 at 5:30 am 0
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That sucks, but look at the bright have hair, you could be’s only red and not like some weird orange long as your personality is good and your not completely fat or’ll be ok
anonymous 3 months ago
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