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United States Problem

United States Problem

This is Just a United States problem that needs to be fixed only by Politicians from Politicians. Shootings can only be solved if and when Politicians stop avoiding the problem at hand instead of addressing it head on. If they could ever input laws to protect the people who voted them into their place of power instead of loving the money they get from others to keep them in power. This is why you can't trust government or politicians they are all just preachers that want power and votes, stop promising so much just to deliver so little if nothing will ever change in the end. In the end write laws that stop shootings from happening that is what Politicians SHOULD be doing instead of not, of you are one of these politicians all I can say is Fuck You all of you Fuck You for not protecting the people just put in the law. Put in that law You scumbags, also there should be a ban on military grade weapons from the public who thought this was a good idea in the first place. Again stop being a pansy and write that law that stops this from ever happening again as you SHOULD be.
Colin Political May 27, 2022 at 11:27 pm 1
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Mass shootings can't be and won't be solved by The Republican party as they have proven don't care for Americans once they left the womb. But if they turn away from The NRA and look towards Australia gun laws they can see gun control works and there wouldn't be more mass shootings.
Former NRA and Republican member 1 month ago
Give them sentators and cungressers a brake! how they gone finance they lifestyle an stay in orifice without the checks from the gun makkers? simple....jus like us all is they is told whatt to do and they do it. SO THERE
citzen mom 1 month ago
Maybe all senators & congressmen should be given an ar15 to protect themselves, while in office.

Then when they disagree, they can just shoot up the place?

Or do we need more good guys with guns?

BoofHead 1 month ago
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