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when i was about 12, i had decided to go to this very bad town with my father to get information about my birth mom. (my father was my grandpa, but raised me as his own so therefore i call him my dad) there was a very traumatic scene, and while my father was on the ground in mid winter not breathing and bloodshot eyes, the ambulance had finally arrived (25 minutes later, while a stranger was performing CPR). the ambulance left me on the side of the road with multiple men, and i was only an innocent little girl, i didn’t know how to defend myself, how to fight back, and these men took advantage of me. i will never forget what they did to me, and my mother, (grandma) is starting to become abusive, i don’t know how to cope, how to deal with the stress. i’m starting to lose weight and i’m starting to develop an eating disorder. i have diabetes and it’s really hard when i get dizzy spells. i can’t take care of myself anymore without passing out, it’s sad, honestly.
paige Other August 12, 2022 at 9:34 pm 0
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i hope you are able to come to terms and move on, no one should have to experience something like this.
anonymous 2 months ago
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