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To all lawn pest powerwashers handymen

To all lawn pest powerwashers handymen


I live in a particularly windy area of town and I'm constantly seeing these adverts blowing all around the neighborhood because these jackasses can't seem to wrap their heads around how to properly secure a leaflet to a door handle and just slide them in door jambs or with dry-rotted gum bands.

This matchless ASSHOLE just rolled by late last last week when I was at work and opened my storm door to slide his full 8.5 x 11 advert between the main door and the door jamb. Well, he just let the storm door go. It was particularly windy that day, so the door didn't pull itself in enough to latch. When I arrived home later that night, I was treated to the storm door slamming against the house. The wind caught it and repeatedly swung it open quite literally ripping the cylinder out of the door jamb. I guess that's my fault for using the screws that came with the door and not anchoring it with longer ones, right?

Of course, the advert blew away and the only way I knew what happened was because my doorbell cam caught it. Now, if I want to know who that guy was so I can get my lawyer involved, my best option is to interrogate my curmudgeon of a neighbor who I don't like talking to at all.

At least the glass didn't break. I would've installed a spring/chain on the door like the last one I had, but this one has a pull-down screen, so I can't install one without damaging it. Thankfully, the door actually held up pretty well and still works after having repaired the jamb and a new cylinder reinstalled since the shaft on the old one was bent. Thank God I didn't have to replace the entire thing (and thank Renewal by Andersen for making such a quality storm door). If that wasn't enough, though, I still have to replace a piece of siding due to the hole that formed from the handle slamming against it.

Anyway, how is this shit NOT illegal!? I mean, is it??? Even if it is perfectly legal to LITTER, then how the hell do you expect to attract potential customers when they have to pick your fucking trash out of their shrubs and make repairs to their property due to your negligence?
Pissed homeowner Home January 18, 2022 at 10:54 am 1
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after 2024 reading will be illegal...wait faster
trump4evber 4 months ago
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