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i hate my body. i hate how when i sit down i slouch, and when people tell me i’m skinny acting like it’s a good thing. to be honest i just want to gain weight. i want to be like those girls at my school who have big boobs and butts without even trying. i don’t care if i have a little belly roll i don’t even care if i have a double chin i just want to gain weight. my mom is always on my ass about eating more but i can’t bring myself to do it. it’s so hard. i have anxiety so matter what i do i’ll always feel bad about how i look and about my body. people always call their bodies temples but my body feels like an old tree about to fall down and decompose (if that makes any sense) i just don’t feel okay with my body.
anonymous Body June 22, 2022 at 5:28 pm 1
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Wish I was naturally thin like you. Big butts aren’t all that. I have a natural one but wish I had a buttock reduction with a lift. When a big butt person hits 35-40 their large booties sag from all the excess weight.
Pauline 2 weeks ago
if you'll always feel bad about your body then there's no use in wanting to be thick, and believe me it's not all that either
anonymous 1 week ago
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