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The soys are sobbing on RR

The soys are sobbing on RR

I am getting attacked all over RR, all because I come here and post my opinion, on a site designed JUST for that reason!

I you soy boy beta cucks, and whimpering, limp-wristed snowflakes, can't handle other people's opinion, or you think that Biden and Harris and the other socialists should shut down free speech, then maybe you should go LIVE in a part of the world where that sort of thing is regulated, and you get lousy, useless, subpar and ineffective "free healthcare" in exchange, after having over half your income STOLEN from you to support it, to the point you're thrust into forever poverty!

In America, we are FREE, sovereign people! We have liberties and rights to self-govern, and we don't need the government to micromanage, guide, or spoon-feed us like incompetent, brainwashed sheep! It's in the Constitution, we can say and do whatever the hell we want, so long as we are not PHYSICIALLY hurting someone, or trampling on private property while expressing ourselves! I can say anything I want, it isn't illegal....and the liberals with their self-assigned politically-correct "inclusion police" from the left, are not a real power with any authority! Being an elitist doesn't make you superior or correct, just because you decided and say it does! It also doesn't mean you get to be the one who directs all speech and categorizes it to your own pet project or personal lifestyle CHOICE.

It is especially comical that you CHOOSE to come here, a DECISION everyone makes, and those people pick through rant posts and then DEMAND that RR not only cancel culture that person off the site, but someone, contact some random law enforcement agency or government body to try and have them arrest or charged with a whole slue of non-existent crimes!

See, this is how Democrats and the left operate. This is why REAL America is having a hard time swallowing that Biden won fair and square, because every single thing the left does, is lying, corrupt, and dirty! It is all about CONTROL over everyone, and trying to eradicate certain people from the world that THEY don't like, and then claiming it's about "tolerance" and "acceptance."

I have yet....YET, to see one tolerant thing from a leftist, liberal, socialist, Demcorat....whatever the hell you all call yourselves, you're cut from the same cloth! I have YET to see any of you on the left accept anyone who isn't part of your alphabet mafia, or chosen pet projects, or be willing to let you groom them to your political agenda. In fact, the left, scorns and mocks any POC, LGBT, woman, or anyone else for that matter, who doesn't bow down and side with them mindlessly, and unquestioning!

The way you FRUITCAKES react on here is proof of that! "Waaaaah, shut down Larsen! Waaaah! He says mean things! Waaaah! He's a white man with an opinion and I don't likey that! Waaah cal the FB! Call the police! Call DHS! Waaaah!"

Sorry libs, but that isn't WHY those agencies exist. Their purpose isn't to make the "meanie bad evil Republican man" stop having opinions and expressing them.

You're all WAY off the mark if you think that the job of government, or even RR, to make things padded and easy for your tender and fragile feelings to n ever have to be hurt by an opinion you don't like!

This site exists for the explicit purpose OF RANTING, and sharing thoughts. I see shit all over it, all sort of repugnant rants posted. I even argue with them, but never once thought they should be erased from the world and barred from existence!

Scott Larson Political December 03, 2020 at 12:35 pm 1
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"I you soy boy beta cucks, and whimpering, limp-wristed snowflakes, can't handle other people's opinion"

I can handle other people's opinions. What I can't handle are unjustified intrusions upon my privacy, infringements of my rights, and being victimized by neanderthal men and women that believe the lies of some hapless fucking twit.

The rest of your rant is not relevant to me.
anonymous 2 months ago
Bwahahaha! King Soy calling others here "soy boys"? What a laugh!

Unsorry your little friend lost the election, Mr. Soy!
anonymous 2 months ago
I, a liberal christian democrat BidenHariss supporter in FACT CAN accept others opinions, even those of republicans and Trump supporters.

HOWEVER, when it comes to YOU YOURSELF, I CANNOT and will NOT nor EVER accept and tolerate YOUR opinions and beliefs because of how unfathomably EVIL and REPULSIVE and VILE YOUR opinions and beliefs are!!

You are by far thee WORST republican/Trump supporter I have ever gotten to seeing, hearing, and meeting in my ENTIRE LIFE.

Do you understand what I am trying to say here?
FuckScottLarsenTheNaziKKKSexist 2 months ago
Wow, you sound so tolerant.

Love Diogenes
AKA, the guy fucking your girl in the ass while you cry about cucks and pretend you don't have a micropenis and a flabby body.
Diogenes 2 months ago
All your desperate and pleading replies only prove my point. All I said was that RR is a site DESIGNED specifically for ranting; hence it's even in the title! It isn't a safe space for gentle words of encouragement and inclusion for ALL people to feel accepted and respected! It isn't a liberal bubble designed to protect feelings with political correct soothing and asking people what their preferred pronouns are!

It is about FREE SPEECH. You don't have to like everything you see, you don't have to agree, you can even be hurt and offended, but that is YOUR choice. That does not mean that RR should be forced to take down whatever meanie poo-head post wasn't "fair" or "considerate" of your fragile feelings of the lame cry of "others experiences!"

If you leftists cannot handles opinions, then DO NOT come to sites created for opinions! You all have plenty of liberal think tanks to stick to, where all you snowflake sheep sound, act, look, live and think a like. STAY the fuck there so the rest of us that function as grown ass adult, don't feel like we have to forever walk on egg shells or listen to the emotional meltdown of spoiled, overgrown, adult babies who think they are all still "kids" or "emerging adults" well into their late 20's and early 30's, still living at home while they "figure stuff out."

You are mostly a bunch of bed-wetting pants-shitting ,porn addled, unsexed dorky, pudgy, gender-confused, Asperger rejects that probably work in call centers, if you work at all, because it's the only work you can get. Go play your DD and WoW and talk about how you're a "real witch/wizard/druid" and be angry at your Mom because she got regular MD, instead of Code Red. What a bunch of on-the-spectrum fuckwits!
Scott L 2 months ago
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