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The mentally ill need to be under authority

The mentally ill need to be under authority

They need to be under super strict authority and intense micromanagement and regimentation. If they step out of line, they need severe beatings and chain downs.
anonymous Other September 12, 2019 at 9:16 am 1
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anonymous 11 months ago
^You must be one of the mentally ill.

HUP 2 3 4 HUP 2 3 4
anonymous 11 months ago
No you’re mentally ill. Only a BENCHODE would say that.

Did I hurt your feelings BENCHODE?
anonymous 11 months ago
^Your mom's mentally ill.
anonymous 11 months ago
No one needs to be under the authority of a tyrant, the mentally ill or otherwise.

I am not going to teach my enemy a lesson; my enemy is a lesson. My enemy is a case study in ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, absurdity, and self-delusion.
anonymous 11 months ago
Have some real life experience with a true deranged lunatic and you will change your tune. I hope your kids don't have to learn the hard way (that's if they survive the ordeal)

There's a GOOD reason the loons were kept locked away for centuries.
anonymous 11 months ago
There's a GOOD reason why the "loons" are no longer locked away.
anonymous 11 months ago
I hope there are locked collars and thick chain leashes involved. I always wanted a big orderly to walk me like a dog.
anonymous 11 months ago
"There's a GOOD reason why the "loons" are no longer locked away"

Wow, you bought the whole "the community will care for them" lie hook, line, and sinker.

The politicians, both Democrat and Republican knew exactly what was going to happen when they closed down the institutions decades ago. This would both save the government money on long term care (so they can skim some more money for themselves) and take care of 'the problem'. This of course meant most would be left out on the streets to die and/or fill the prisons (a lucrative government enterprise). Of course the public, which I am sad to say has gotten much stupider scince then despite having instant access to the world's information, bought the lies.

When it's a senator's doorstep being used as a toilet by a deranged violent loon, you can bet things will change, and they won't be able to build the asylums fast enough.
anonymous 11 months ago
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