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Swim with the current

Swim with the current

I feel like there seems to be this misguided attitude amongst some people who feel like the average American pays for a house that's too big.

Well, maybe. But unless you're paying out your ass for a mansion you don't need, there's a reason why people like to buy homes that have.. I don't know.. plenty of room?

After living in small houses and apartments all my life, I've come to find "cozy" homes are for retired old couples. Or even just a retired or single person.

If you're going to pay for a home. Wouldn't it be a nice to..

- Have room for a family with kids

- Have room for your furniture

- Not stub your toes and trip on your furniture

- Not have to put your bed in the corner and trap your partner

- Not have to have your bed/furniture squished up against plugs and outlets

- Have room for your's and everyone else's shit

- Have room for guests to visit

- Actually have your own place to park.

- Have a place to work on your car/keep it safe

It's not excessive to want to be comfortable in your home. That hipster mindsent of people living too large makes you feel cool and modest until you feel like taking a crowbar to your home because you can't take it anymore. Obviously I'm guilty of once having this mindset. Not anymore! I want the fuck out.

You're paying money to live somewhere. Why pay for a shithole if you can afford better.

anonymous Home January 14, 2022 at 9:46 pm 0
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Sounds like a classic case of Too much furniture, Not enough fitness. What is the point of living in a big house if your spouses limbs are all paralyzed that they can't manoevur out of bed via basic cartweheel handspring? What are you going to do with the extra sq. Ft? Make the gap between your TV and couch large enough to justify a 50 acre display? Can you even lift that kind of TV into your home, or are you going to hire a towing company to haul it up three flightals of stairs for you?
anonymous 3 days ago
Go ahead and demolish a few walls, windows and ceilings to let the flow grow, or not. What do the influencers say? Always follow goofy advice....capitalism requires adherence. Don't be left out.
minechaffft 3 days ago
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