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Stop wearing stupid face masks on social media

Stop wearing stupid face masks on social media

Stop it. Just fucking stop it. There is no damn point. It's questionable at best as to whether wearing the fucking masks actually helps in real life, but covid is not a computer virus. You can't give it to a phone or a computer, so take the fucking virtue signaling diaper off your mouth before you snap a selfie for your profile.
anonymous Political November 22, 2020 at 4:07 am 6
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Shut your fucking ignorant mouth.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
It's only questionable if you ignore medical and scientific consensus.

Masks have been proven to reduce chance of transmission.

Honestly, just stop complaining. It's a mask, it's not that bad.
K 2 weeks ago
I always wear an iron mask while on social media. This started before Covid.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Don't convince them to wear a mask. The world needs people like them to die of COVID. We can stay 6 feet apart from this moron, WEARING MASKS!
Proud NB 2 weeks ago
Them = the OP, not everyone.
Proud NB 2 weeks ago
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