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Stop ruining men s lives

Stop ruining men s lives

What I can't fucking stand is all this BULLSHIT "rape culture" and "me too movement" SHIT that you females are pulling now! I just read some article about a guy who got community service and probation at his college for rape, and all the thots and froids and feminazis are shrilling like crows on and on about how it isn't harsh enough, and not strong enough punishment, and justice wasn't served! Whining and pissing and having their periods all over the place about it because they think all men are trash and should have our schlong and nutsack cut off for even existing! Unless of course, we are men who "identify as women", then they are ok with us!

Listen all you stuck-up, know-it-all WENCHES who think you're soooo much better than us men, the dude got a punishment for it! An adequate and MORE than reasonable punishment! We don't even know if the dude really did anything or not, and what the REAL issue is that, his life is going to be forever effected and even altered and ruined by this! For the rest of his life he's going to have to explain the blotch on his academic record, everywhere he goes, for every good job he tries to get, because many employers look at college records for certain jobs! It's just as bad as forcing men to register as sex offenders over one off-handed remark at the office, or because he got drunk one night and maybe kissed a chick in a bar without her permission! BIG FUCKING DEAL! That's what guy's do!

What you femroids don't get is that you literally DESTORY and sabotage young men's lives by how easy the go-to rape card is for you all to pull! Even bigger issue is that, in MOST cases YOU females are just as responsible for the actions! Most of the time it is NOT rape, not even assault, or even harassment, but in the FEW....VERY FEW....real cases, you females had a MAJOR part in it too! SO, maybe we should start holding the women accountable and charging them with their own rape alongside with the men they are trying to charge! I mean, use your damn heads instead of hormones and emotions for once ladies! PLEASE, for the sake and well-being and FUTURE of men, at least TRY to use logic! I know it is hard, because estrogen creates a whirlwind of hypersensitive and hysterical reactions, and that's why giving women any real power is SENSELESS, but that's a whole different issue! However, just remember that there are many variables in every situation, and ALWAYS two sides of every coin! If you go to a party, a bar or a club, and you get drunk, and you hang all over a guy, let him buy you drinks, go home and drink more with him...then what do you think is going to happen? What does that lead up to? Yeah, I get it. You lost any sense of decency for the evening, and woke up in some cum crusted over bed with a random strange guy, in a random strange house! You don't remember the best part of the sex, at all, and can't even remember if you have your car or not. You're lipstick and mascara are smeared all over, and you have dried jizz down your leg. So, you sneak out and leave, leaving the poor dude with a whole new infection of STD's, and you get another UTI for being a dirty-ass fucking skank! But ya know what? That is a CHOICE you made, and just now you have to wander out of a frat house, do the walk of shame in front of all those other dudes, and you have to try and remember where you parked, or call and wait on an Uber covered in last night's sex juices, and you have to go back into your house in front of your roommates and they are going to tell everyone., yeah it must be humiliating! BUT you should have made better choices! You don't get to now, say he drugged and raped you, so you can get out of being slut shamed! He didn't do a damn thing to you that you didn't want done, but now, to be a selfish bitch who can't own up to your decisions, you're going to try and destroy his life forever! Well, ya know what! THAT IS NOT RAPE! You still decided to do what you did, drunk or not! So maybe, don't get SO drunk. Don't go out clubbing and act like a tramp and you won't be treated one! What else are guys going to think about you? You go out purposefully dressed and getting wasted, screaming all around and laughing like a hyena and flirting with every dude in there....and you wonder why those dudes are going to take you home and use you for sex? YOU WANTED THAT. That's the WHOLE point of YOU going out! You should be charged with assault since you pass around your herpes and other VD to all those poor guys just trying to enjoy their best life and have fun with no stupid attachments to dumb twats like you! Girls always give guy STDs, it is NEVER the other way around!

Or what about you dumb broads that cry rape right in the middle of sex, and try to stop what already is happening, and then cry RAPE??? You don't get to cry that you don't want it when you already are going at it! What sort of warped, twisted, mind game is that???? Of course he's going to be confused, and guys are to wrapped up in their pleasure at that point to probably even hear you, and we are not mind readers ladies! You should also know our dicks have a mind of their own, so....what are you gonna do? Dicks cum when they cum! Sorry if we cum before you're finished or haven't cum yet by the time you get bored, because you're too frigid and prude to be able to cum, but that doesn't make it rape! It just means you sleep around with so many dudes, that it is hard to get pleasure because you're so stretched out! That's your problem! It doesn't mean we have to stop having fun! Once a dick is hard, and gets going...that's just how it is! You ladies need to start understanding how the male body works! It's different than yours because we're designed to breed the herd! That is nature, it doesn't make it sexual assault! Is a Lion sexually assaulting the Lioness when he mounts her? NO! That's his job! It's nature and it's God's design!

Stop expecting men to stop being men! Just because we cum during sex, or before you, doesn't make that rape!
Scott Larsen Political November 24, 2020 at 12:18 am 6
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Don't worry Lardloon. Women's legs close up tighter than a bank vault when you're around, and the judges know this.

You won't be accused of anything.
anonymous 2 months ago
Anybody up for making a Facebook page called "Scott Larsen is Nuts"?

Mr. Larsen, rape is violence. A man who commits rape so much as once is a proven danger to women, children, and everyone else because he has demonstrated a willingness to be violent. He should be imprisoned, he should be chemically castrated, and he should have this on his record permanently because people need to know they're dealing with a violent criminal.

Don't want to go to prison? Don't want to be castrated? Don't want to struggle with a bad reputation all your life? Easy solution - don't fucking rape anybody. That's the point.
anonymous 2 months ago
you are so fucking stupid.. dear lord... did you not read this over and think maybe you are making no valid points and you're just a misogynistic sexist cunt who does not understand that rape ruins women's lives too <3 and that its rare for rape allegations to be false. and that millions and millions of women are raped with no justice... not even taken to court. and its so hard to just go on with your life, you stupid fucking idiot. you're not a woman, you don't know what we go through so get your smelly fucking pea sized balls out of women's business and go fuck yourself. and maybe have a fucking sliver of sympathy for women. I do hope no woman ever has to put up with your incel ass.
anon 2 months ago
"Don't want to go to prison? Don't want to be castrated? Don't want to struggle with a bad reputation all your life? Easy solution - don't fucking rape anybody. That's the point."

Don't you mean -- don't be accused of raping anybody? There's a big difference between committing rape and being accused of rape. The consequences can be the same for both.

Same is true of any crime. Fact is people do get falsely accused and people do get punished for things that they just didn't fucking do.

anonymous 2 months ago
"its rare for rape allegations to be false."

Actually, from what I've read it is rare for rape allegations to be made. I guess people that are actually raped feel some shame or something or somehow feel that they were responsible so they just don't report it. I've also read that it can be difficult to actually prove a rape allegation so a lot of them are never prosecuted even when they are reported.

People that make false rape allegations though feel no shame at all and laugh at the hell they're putting someone through. Rare or not, people do make false allegations.
anonymous 2 months ago
Too bad Lardloon had to post about this, because while this does happen, and many men's lives were destroyed by this, Lardloon's Trump loving ramblings just make people think this is just another part of one of his stupid rambings and won't take it seriously.
anonymous 2 months ago
When I was 17, I was not a virgin. I knew what sex was, and how it was supposed to feel.
I met "Scott" (appropriate name actually - but not the Scott in this rant)
I was raped. No question about it. It was rough, painful and brutal. Left me feeling intense nausea to the point that another friend asked me if I was feeling okay. I said "no" and I was brought home where I proceeded to take a salt bath and cry from the pain I was in. A week later, I could barely walk, and learned I had a serious infection that had a devastating effect on me for years, ultimately resulting in my need to have a hysterectomy.
Scott did other things, too. I wasn't his only victim.
Rape is rape. It can happen in the middle of things even though you claim it doesn't.
I'm truly happy to know that you have never been raped - because if you had been, you would understand this concept.
Men can be raped, too. Remember that, because just because you have a man's name, that doesn’t mean you're exempt from becoming raped.
anonymous 2 months ago
Dear God, wtf is with all of the sexism in this rant!?!? Can’t you be nice for once?
FuckTrumpsNaziParty 2 months ago
I usually respect peoples opinions but this is just ignorant sexism from a complete incel. have never read anything more degrading in my entire life.
anonymous 2 months ago
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