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WTF does nullifying the "boyfriend exemption" do to prevent mass shootings by people with automatic rifles like an AR-15? WTF is enhancing "red flag" laws going to do if people did not even follow the guidelines of the previous red flag laws when no one acted on removing the shooters access to guns after they showed clear signs of being a danger like the Virginia Tech shooter whose teachers knew he had a problem or the 15yr old at the recent Michigan high school shooting whose parents & teachers knew he had a problem. Unless there's going to be legal consequences for people who fail to report what they know, see, or have been told, these laws are discretionary and that is what has been allowing most of these shooters to fall through the cracks in the red flag system.
anonymous Political June 23, 2022 at 9:32 am 0
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The real presdent is rumored to be reddy to sign a exec order that will mandate that all children have guns in their back packs or they wil get no foood or bathroom access. this will do for now or later, we guess, and will help the struggling gun manufacturers recover from ovid from the demonkrats.
voaty voaturd 2 weeks ago
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