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high school romance :> (fake names are used)

so yesterday we had to partner up w 2/3 people for a brief assignment. originally I was in group A with Jack, his best friend. and he, Andrew, was in group F with 2 other people. before finalizing the groups, he asked the teacher if he can switch to group A. I know it doesn't necessarily means he's joining group A bcs I'm there. but a win is a win right? but before I could celebrate my small win, the teacher switched me to group D :')) here comes the crucial part, when the teacher asked him if he still wants to join group A, he refused. is it me or is that strange? maybe I'm overthinking this. but then again, why else would he changed his mind abruptly after just 5 minutes?? also keep in mind that his best friend, Jack, is still in group A. I asked my friends abt it and she thinks it's also weird. but my other friend thinks I'm reading too much into it. so what does this mean?????? does he like me too? or bcs he just wanted to switch for no reason? pls help a fellow out here ㅠ^ㅠ ㅠ^ㅠ

in short; my crush wanted to be in my group but after I was switched to another group. he changed his mind just 5 minutes after. is this a sign?
Faye Crushes January 15, 2022 at 5:29 am 0
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Good for you to know instinctively that in all actions and negotiations and transactions there exists a sub an essentially silent language that results from our earlier being. Listen, see..Learn. Trust your inner sense..nothing can be gained by having sight and not seeing.
Lardloon #17839-9925(Ss) 3 days ago
so you're telling me I'm not overthinking and I might be right? you know, I always thought I have a pretty good self-awareness/instinct, but it's so nice to hear someone else confirming that too! I might find it doubtful sometimes, but I always trust my instinct after living for almost 20 years. so thank you kind human for the advice! I'll continue to keep an eye out!
Faye 3 days ago
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