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The legal immigrants and the native born Americans are being slowly replaced by heaps of illegals who don't give a shit about this country but act like someone owes them something for their existence.
They come here, steal jobs, steal identity (that's how they're able to get jobs and you'll know when your 2 month old child's social gets stolen) commit crimes, murder, rape, sex trafficing, and narcotic trafficing all the while they don't give a shit about this country. They DEMAND to be given financial assistance and opportunities as if you owe them anything or to their kids. They scream and yell that they are poor minorities, and everyone suddenly forgets that we already have enough poor legal and native born that we owe our first allegiance to. Our black men due to lack of education are competing for same jobs as illegal aliens and black men get the short end of the stick! Black men and women, poor whites and elderly, suffering legal immigrants, and all those who love this country and want to contribute are the ones we should have our allegiance to. Not undocumented aliens who don't speak a word of English after 20 some years residing in US. Poor middle eastern people come to America, speak English after a year, get degrees, get jobs as doctors and business owners, and contribute with their hard work all the while paying taxes like everyone else, not asking for handouts. How is it fair to them or anyone legally born in America when the financial resources are being squandered on all the undocumented aliens? If you are a legal immigrant (black, white, Asian, Hispanic, other, anyone), a black American, an ethnic minority of this country, or a white majority who are poor, stand up for your rights, for yourself, for your kids.
Some say no one in America wants the jobs that illegals are willing to take. That's not true. Tell that to black men who want to work at a factory but can't because all positions have been taken by illegals.
Coming to America is a privilege not a right of anyone who demands it.
anonymous Political April 21, 2019 at 4:36 pm 2
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Youre an idiot.
Fat lazy white hillbillies and millionaires are gaming the system more than immigrants dumbass.
Go lie down.
anonymous 4 months ago
LMFAO you are so right anon commentor! Blacks and Latinos can't survive without white man's charity handouts. They're too fkn dumb to get into an ivy league on their own merit or to actually own a business.
Asians don't sit on their asses. Neither do Middle Eastern, or Indian. And it's their tax dollars that go to support lazy ghetto mommas and daddies.
Talking about the system, why would anyone go to work when you can sit home and be paid to do that. Just keep popping out babies and all will be well. No child support from the daddy? To problem, the state is the daddy now. Of course beats me that some people are so lazy they can't support their own offspring. They make their kids slaves and beggars for whites.

anonymous 4 months ago
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