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Secrets Lies and Honesty

Secrets Lies and Honesty

This year had been really bad...I'm a 28 year old adult yet I still live with my parents..I have a job but I have no reason to go solo.Talk about privacy I have none...My own dad controls everything from what I wear, what I post how I should behave I know he wants whats best for me..I love him dearly,yet it kinda feel like im choked. he read my phone conversation with a friend online I got bored and chatted about how he made love to his wife just curious and dad saw that he thought maybe im doing something unethical I did not show anything to the guy it was just a conversation. He saw I was talking to other men too but those men are my friends I turn to them when I have something to rant about this world how angry I was how dissapointed I am when everything collapse i even talk to them when I feel like there are no reason for living they my support he thought those men are my fact they are just my friends. I even bonded well with a guy friend there he was serious about me i wanted to give him a chance of love because I felt his sincerity.. He even encourage me to go tell the truth coz lies only make this complicated... I want to give it a try but slow and not in a hurry coz I dont want to be on my knees crying. but coz of this I have to delete my account I never even said goodbye I dont even want to say goodbye. ..I had told him to not talk to me coz my dad controls my account . So I really have no reason to look forward to this life. Feels good to rant when I just want this to end.
anonymous Relationships January 25, 2020 at 12:50 am 0
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No reason to go solo? Just shut up after that.
. 4 weeks ago
im gonna dr. phil your ass..
are you capable of living on your own?
is your dad impeding the way you want to live your life?

move. out.
there is no reason for you to not go solo..
your moving will not be a statement for your dad to leave you alone and you hate him.. no, it will be a statement of im my own person and i will live how i want to. hes had his life to live and you have yours. so live it!

your basically saying my dad controls my life so why am i living it?
your right... why are you living someone elses life?
move. out.
like you should have 8 yrs ago.

anonymous 4 weeks ago
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