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sad hours

it's sad hours for me, and rather than writing something depressive -- which is what I really want to write. I'll try something different, whilst I have many negative aspects to saunter up to and discuss about. I'd rather try and be.. positive. I know that things might be possibly hard for you; but it'll be okay, you're okay. you're perfectly normal, no matter what other people claim. it's fine to cry and feel helpless, no one asked you to be perfect. and it's totally okay to rant in or out of anonymity, you aren't an attention seeker. those who ignore your emotions aren't worth any of your time. you're extremely brave, I'm sure you have many ambitions. it might seem like the end, but trust me, it isn't. you'll continue, you'll live another day. and don't worry, I also know how it feels to be lonely. we can be lonely together, yeah? so don't lose hope. you deserve to live, you're important.

tea Other July 12, 2019 at 2:01 pm 0
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I love you <3
Pain, sadness, love 1 month ago
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