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The historic downfall of the Roman Empire is being closely mirrored today with the impending downfall of the US as a respected world leader on the way to winding up a country a pitiful remnant of its glory days like Italy. Specifically how the insane reign of Caligula was ended after he was overthrown and then was replaced with the most milquetoast replacement they could find in Claudius who just happened to have a stutter just like his modern day counterpart Biden who ended the insane reign of Trump who did not actually make a horse a Senator, but did put a lot of unqualified jackasses in positions they were most unqualified to fill.
anonymous Political January 14, 2022 at 2:28 pm 0
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Mr Trump's role in the End Times express, we are to holller "all aboard"...and spout gibberish & annoying odors that signify the coming of the Grate Winged END.
Ezekiel 4 days ago
FOOEY. Folks are saying that we can bless the freedom loving sons of Mother Russia for getting him elected in '16 even when the amercans was too scared and confused to do it and we can always count on the russian patriots continued help in making our country almost as successful as Mother Russia. The debacle of 2020 was a mere misunderstanding about the costs and how the so-called wall money must be fully transferred to Perm...promises are not enuff...even with the love that your Trump has for his Prince Vladimir.
Piroshki Pete Pete 4 days ago
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