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Tonight I told my long-time significant other that I’m no longer romantically in love with her. While this has been evident for several years, vocalizing it and her hearing it was a formal acceptance of the situation.

Painful, but necessary. Life is short and if any of us prolong what we really need for too long...we’re gonna miss out on some amazing things.

I have a feeling of relief despite how difficult this situation is about to become.

In the end, this was right and we will both be free to pursue lives that are most in line with who we are.
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And yes...this is the point of no return.
R 1 month ago
I'm glad that you have finally come to terms with your homosexuality. You're now free to pursue all of that gay sex that you've been silently yearning for. Congratulations on coming out of the closet.
anonymous 1 month ago
anonymous 4 weeks ago
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