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Is there a dumber group of turds?

I can't believe how shitty these people's brains are.

You're gonna take conspiracy theories, riddles, and gossip over facts?

I swear the Venn diagram of Q and flat earthers is a fucking perfect circle.

Just insane mental gymnastics, jumping around plain obvious connections to avoid ever having to face the truth:

Trump is a fucking incompetent moron racist rapist science denying charlatan.

It's hilarious watching you guys bounce back and forth with his lies and bullshit. He puts you in the worst situations.

You think this demented sack of shit is playing 4D chess? What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

The best is the full on psychos in your ranks; the ones that think Hillary is a literal demon and angels are fighting for Trump. Do you ever stop to think, "Holy fuck there's a lot of mystical nonsense involved here."

The simplest answer is usually the right one.

You people sure are simple, but your goddamn Q conspiracies are far from it.
Q can suck a dick Political October 14, 2019 at 2:26 am 0
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You ok? You sound very upset. All over someone else believing in Hilary, conspiracies, and flat Earth? Hate to break it to you but lots of children believe in Santa Clause and Tooth Fairy. Hope that fact doesn't give you a heart attack.

You should probably take your neurosis pills now...

P.S. the Earth IS flat
anonymous 8 months ago
Children aren't voting for the President of the United States.

Grown adults, having a disproportionate say in the direction of the planet, is a lot different than kids' fairytales.

Do I have to explain the difference to you, you obstinate fuck?

Q believers make up a disturbing proportion of MAGA. Trump even flirts with it (retweets, etc.).

LOL I'm 95% sure you're trolling with the flat earth thing. Kudos.

If not... get help.
Nice One 8 months ago
Anyone willfully ignorant ignorant enough to say the Eath is flat, automatically negates his own words. Simply stated ou're too stupid to take seriously.
anonymous 8 months ago
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