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Peaceful gathering for Trump

Peaceful gathering for Trump

Okay when all the protests and though few rallies held by Biden we did not bother you. Yet a group of people show up to let President Trump know he has people just as mad about their votes possibly being tossed or something else. Along with Trump many feel cheated, deceived and want anzwers. Trump will not stay in the Whitehouse. Just like everyone was told that right wing militia would be at polling locations. Nope did not happen. So many more lies have been told to cause more division.

Like Biden saying they want peace and unity. Oh, is that why someone said all Trump supporters need to be punished ? Plus other comments or statements made by the left that were just as hateful. Everyone is acting like we're in elementary school. People who gathered to support Trump and the investigation of the election were being peaceful. Why did black lives matter show up and antifa. Why is it we can not have a peaceful protest of gathering to show support. Golly gee why would we think the election was fixed? How ridiculous are we to think such honest law abiding citizens would ever tamper with an election?

anonymous Political November 14, 2020 at 9:12 pm 3
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I hear your complaint, and you're right. It does sound like playground politics and two wrongs do not make a right.
However - there are more perspectives than just the one you describe.
This is true for literally anyone, we a feel that our vote matters. This is why we have the system in place that we have.
Trump was perfectly fine with the system in 2016. Now that he's been voted out, he's thrashing like he's drowning.
It's admirable that he's going down with a fight - I don't think less of him for it.
But when I'm confronted by irrational behavior and the blatant lies from any particular supporter, I get annoyed.
There is a good purpose to peaceful protests and anyone should expect to be able to have their peaceful protest, as long as it's truly peaceful.
We all saw the disparity and the distinct difference between BLM peaceful protesters and the people who resorted to rioting and looting while hiding behind BLM and claiming to be supporters.
BLM did not have rioters. Rioters claimed to be BLM supporters, and there's a huge difference.
It's the same with anyone who claims to support any cause. The instant it devolves into chaos and mud-slinging, it loses credibility.
The main reason people are put off by Trump and Trump supporters is because of the way it churns out animosity.
Hate the media. Hate the voting process. Hate corruption. Hate, hate, hate.
It's important to stop pointing fingers everywhere else and start looking at ways to SOLVE issues instead of just spewing that there's a problem.
So, Trump is attempting to file lawsuits. Good for him. I respect that. What I personally do not respect is the way he tries to undermine things that he only disputes because it didn't go the way he thought it would.
Watch any toddler having a temper tantrum, and you'll see some similarities in the "but, but, but," finger pointing.
If a person is calm. and reasonable, people will listen.
It's also important to see that not all of the republican party agrees with what he's doing, and many of the cases he's trying to make are being thrown out.
He's worried for a good reason: If he is no longer POTUS, he loses legal immunity and could be facing various charges against him.
Take the blinders off. Mr Trump is not perfect, nor is anyone else.
Especially in politics! Nobody in any political position is perfect.
anonymous 3 weeks ago
Are you stupid? You sound stupid.

I'm sorry to be insulting but, goddamn this makes zero sense.

You're deeply partisan and refuse to see anything the right does in a negative light.
anonymous 3 weeks ago
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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