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Nobody cares about my birthday

Nobody cares about my birthday

My whole life I always lived by the "treat others how you want to be treated" mantra. I don't know much about my dad but one of the only things I DO know is that dad was someone who would go out of his way to make birthdays a week-long event for anybody he knew, and I took after him with doing this. I love getting people super sentimental gifts and I typically shop months in advance to make their birthdays special.

It never bothered me that I never got anything in return for my birthdays up until recently.

I have the same birthday as an in-law of mine and I'm always ignored for her birthdays. They typically forget unless I bring mine up.

She has massive, elaborate birthdays where she gets thousands of dollars in gifts, new cars, private venue, expensive restaurant, ect--the most expensive thing I've ever gotten was a shirt that was 3x my size (I wear a medium-large, and they got me a 4xl shirt) and a half-used gift card for a place I never go to eat (yes, already used, $50 gift card with $4.32 left on it, they told me they used most of it but "thought I'd like it"). They typically get me cheap stuff from walmart that I don't actually need and know that I don't like and wouldn't use, and while I would appreciate anything, it's stuff like bags of chips or socks. It's hurtful, especially when I spend so much time and effort and money on these people. I've explicitly stated I appreciate gifts but I don't need them if they're just randomly grabbed because they don't know what to get me, I'd rather people save their money if that's the case.

I hate sounding ungrateful but it just hurts my feelings so much. After 17 years of doing this I'm just very tired. My husband is already buying things for his family's birthdays but seems to have forgotten mine already as well. It makes me so sad. I think I'm going to give up on making people happy.

anonymous Other January 15, 2022 at 5:01 am 0
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[Cont, I forgot some things] I didn't get to do anything for my 16th birthday party because everybody forgot, and everybody forgot my 21st as well. I just wish people cared about me the same way I care about them.
anonymous 3 days ago
damn that must've hurt so bad. it hits the most when people can't give you the same ammount of energy you give them. my humble advice is to stop wasting your energy onto them ungrateful people. if they can't appreciate you going out of your way to celebrate them, why bother doing it. instead just save that energy for someone who's worth it. as for your husband, maybe he's planning a surprise or smth? (if your birthday hasn't pass by yet) and if it did passed, try bringing up this conversation with him anytime you can. communication is key! anyhow, it sounds like you have plenty of unpleasant experiences w bdays, so I'm here to wish you the happiest birthday for the rest of your happy life!! I love and appreciate you for trying to make people happy. I wish I had more people like you around me :> have a fantastic life!!
Faye 3 days ago
"I think I'm going to give up on making people happy."

Are you not a person? Forget those that do nothing for you to make your life happy, and put that effort and money into making yourself happy.

I am like you & have wasted my time and money to be reciprocated with half-ass gifts just randomly picked up on the fly somewhere the person was at when they happened to remember my birthday. It is like that at Christmas as well. I spent over 30 mins looking for & trying on a gift for a relative to make sure if fit perfectly. She loved the item & since her birthday is only a few weeks before Christmas she had plenty of time & items to in stores to choose from to remember she did & get me something like wise as carefully selected for Christmas. But all I got was a defective 2x too large sweater from Label Shopper & a key chain for a child. She got another carefully selected gift.

So you know what? This Rona thing has put a new way of looking at people & life -- it is too short and fragile to be wasting effort on people who do not care about you. I picked up all the other gifts I had got for the rest of the family members I give to who never give anything -- not even a thank you for them -- and returned all that shit & will not be buying anymore for them.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

anonymous 3 days ago
Try compassion to be happy. Your greatest gift is YOU. This gift of being keeps on giving. Happy Birthday and fun alll days...same price.
Lardloon Acolyte #443-1562(o0Tt) 3 days ago
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