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My team quit together to move to another company

My team quit together to move to another company

I work in IT and recently got hired in a position where I actually was already acquaintances with one of the techs above me. We'd worked together in the past and really enjoyed working with each other, so he actually helped get me the position.

I was new to the job, which they knew when hiring me. They had a senior tech and my "work friend" helping me train, but ultimately there really wasn't any formal training process. There was never any explanation as to why we were doing what we were doing, but I tried my best.

Every week the senior tech told me I was doing a good job. My relationship with her and the work friend seemed great, we talked everyday to share what we were up to. My performance review with our manager and his boss went well, I was told I was starting to really pick things up and they saw great things in me.

Then the manager quit. He moved to another company, making more money. Okay, sure whatever. He actually told us, half jokingly, to apply at the place he just got hired because we could join his new team and make more money. I actually did apply to it a few months later, writing a cover letter to even mention that I'd worked with that manager before. Never heard back, though.

But then the senior tech quit. A week after she gave her two weeks', my "work friend" quit as well. They both started acting very weird with me, not talking as much, double guessing everything I did when they did reach out. Then radio silence their last weeks. Didn't hear from them at all.

Since we all used to have a friendly group text chat outside of work, I messaged them about a week later to say I missed them but congrats and I hoped the new jobs were going well. They never replied.

I was a bit hurt by that, particularly with the "work friend" since he and I had been friendly, texting each other memes and stuff for well over a year by then. To have them disappear without even talking to me anymore had me super super confused.

It's been a couple months since then and they both finally updated their LinkedIn pages. They both got hired at the company our manager moved to. Where he is still the manager. So, basically, he hired them both the second they applied. Meaning I truly wasn't even considered.

It makes me doubt everything now. Was I truly terrible at everything I did and they just didn't have the heart to tell me? Was I doing something horribly wrong and no one said anything?

I guess good for the three of them that they're working together again. I clearly get the message, I'm the odd man out here. Work went completely to shit after they left and I had to leave the position and am now struggling to find anything else. Everything seemed so promising before, I was even having fun.

I just wish they'd have told me what I was doing so wrong, if anything. I hate not knowing WHY things happen, like at least give me something I can work on if I really fucked up so badly. It's made me nervous to even apply to other jobs in this field because...was I really even doing anything right that whole time I was with them? They made it seem like I was, but then clearly didn't want to bring me along with them...

Oh well I guess.
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