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My sister is killing herself

My sister is killing herself

She lived on these packaged blueberry muffins for ages. She lived on them. She developed allergies due to it; she can barely eat anything now. She eats so much junk food and pigs out at fast food restaurants: she gave herself a condition called "Psuedo-tumor cerebri" by causing her entire body to become inflamed starting with her stomach.

And she won't do anything. A doctor told her "You need to lose weight and I'm not buying any of your excuses." She won't see him again. She has an excuse for every little thing. She is going to need brain surgery if she doesn't fix her diet. And she won't change.

What is it with people and food? She was spoiled and enabled. My mom was busy working to support my sister AND HER BOYFRIEND living with my mum? What the fuck. So my sister's condition keeps getting worse.

Her doctor was good. He was straight with her and she takes offense to EVERY FUCKING THING! What can anyone do to help someone like that? She and I haven't spoken in ages; she is selfish and a horrible person but like i still want to help her. I suggested Keto.

Obesity is an illness. Food addiction is a plague. Overly-processed food should be ILLEGAL! Fuck sodas and candy. Fuck all this fake shit that people shove down their greedy gobs. It is so disgusting that this shit is allowed to be sold as edible but even still; in moderation it's fine. So backtrack fuck making it illegal... but they should have to put warnings on this bullshit.

Cigarettes and alcohol have warnings. Everything has a fucking warning on it these days. "Don't try snorting these coffee grounds." Idk. Obesity is disgusting; but it isn't those people's faults. We shouldn't have to accept fat people. They need help! They need food rehab!

But it is her life. She ruined it and blamed everyone else the whole time. She cried wolf always acting sick growing up; they couldn't find anything wrong with her. I wonder if she made herself sick intentionally; people called her "My name's" Sister. She was 2 years older and her class knew me better than her. She grew up feeling inferior and became a hypochondriac.

Idk. I can't wrap my head around her shit. She is going to have to have stints put into her head to drain fluid; and she won't do any fucking thing about it. Why?!? Why the fuck :( nobody can help anyone why can't she help herself?

So fuck all of you fat pride imbeciles. She needs confidence and she's dating a fat greedy creep piece of shit with no life outside of videogames. He was an awful influence on her for so long but she wanted an Asian. She picked one of the worst people I've ever met.

ugh. I can only try. Maybe if she gets her surgery she'll be able to work out more.

idk. I need to work on me and my stupid life and she is a black hole. I've tried so much over the years. She is awful but i can't not care and I want to give up. She has.
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