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My new phone

My new phone

Now, call me a fucking spoilt brat all the fuck you want but I don't give a shit. So, my parents are fucking dickheads who don't understand my social life, they check my fucking messages so that means my friends barely fucking text me. My parents force me to use my phone fucking downstairs, so if I Ft they listen in like pervs, so my friends don't fucking ft. Anyway, so my phone has a problem with it where data doesn't work on it. I lost my mango card (it's a type of bus card) and cos of Coronavirus I can't get a new one. I need £6 a day in cash which is quite hard since my family are more of card people (I don't have a credit or debit card yet tho). There was this app u need but it only works with data. SO my parents bought me a new phone. I was really excited cos I was going to get a good phone, my old phone as it is now, is fucking shit. But they got me a phone people would use in the fucking 2000s. A proper shit phone. Now, before you say "oh maybe they can't afford more than a £60 ($75) phone!". No. No. No. No. My parents send me to a schl that costs £15000 ($20000) a year so of course they could buy me a fucking phone them god-damn pricckkkks. So I'm going to go to school with my ugly ass bag and pencil case now with a shitty phone. FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING HELL

Ravneet Computers September 16, 2020 at 2:39 pm 0
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"Now, call me a fucking spoilt brat all the fuck you want but I don't give a shit. "

That's all I needed to here. I swear to God if you were my kid, I would soap your mouth good. Second, you would be liucky if I didn't keep you locked -WITH A KEY- in your room. I would never give you a phone.

Fuck you spoiled rotten shits.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
OMFG, if you were my kid, you would be working your ASS off for a 'better phone'. They gave you the basics so they can keep in contact with you. Want better/more expensive? Work for it. They're paying to send you to a place you can get a better education to get a good-paying job. Use that to your advantage.
And fuck, start being grateful for what you have. They didn't HAVE to send you to that school or give you a phone at all.
I mean WTF 2 weeks ago
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