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I just had a tiring day after school. And all I want to do is just watch some videos on YouTube is that too much to ask? For my dad it is feels like I am not allowed to even use my phone for a second! Sometimes I really hate him but I know he is my dad. But sometimes he is just like too asshole like to reason with if he was at the same level of authority as me I would just scream into his face what the hell he did wrong and that if he ever did that again I would punch him. I sometimes also hate my other for siding with my dad sometimes I just wish I had a shoulder to cry on even tho I am a guy but I have feelings too I feel hurt too I am still human.
anonymous Home January 29, 2020 at 8:21 am 0
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Before the days of youtube I came home from school and just want an hour or 2 to nap. Then do some homework and eat dinner, shower bed. No matter how hard I tried to lay that plan out they wouldnt listen.. same idea though just come home and relax. Dooont hit your pops tho. I did that and got my head slammed into a door. In any case the thing you have to keep in mind is that the issue really isnt worth stressing everyone out, so come home and do what they want you to do, then hopefully you will earn your free time. If that's not how they operate, well then your parents need to lighten up.
anonymous 1 month ago
i get what you're going through and i know its hard because my dad wouldn't let me relax after school either even if i was struggling to stay awake but if you get into a habit of coming home and going somewhere quiet and with a pillow, just scream into a pillow and it does help, then just take a few deep breaths and do a full run down of what happened (ex. i went to science and had a bit of a hard time understanding the material and in math i got an A on my test) for me its like a daily analysis and it helped me get more of a firm grip on reality too because i was more aware of what was going on.
anonymous 4 weeks ago
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