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Hello i'm maria I really hate high school not gonna lie, it seems so exciting for the first term and maybe the start of the second term, but when term 2 is about to end that's when things start to go downhill. I was popular, and I guess I still kind of am but Idc if I am or not anymore. My best friend sold me out to 2 girls who I was friends with previously and now they hate me. And when I asked her why she sold me out she literally said "Idk" and I just dropped her as a friend, and I feel so upset, I've been crying for 2 whole hours because of her. I don't even know why she would ever do that to me, she chose popularity over me and she didn't even get any more popular than she was before. I'm just so angry because I trusted her and she backstabbed me, betrayed me. I wish I could forgive her bc I miss her, but I just can't what she's done is so awful. Idgaf about all the memories anymore. I mean nothing to her. And she no longer means anything to me. I will never ever forgive her. She'll see that karma will get her back and popularity might give her a good reputation, but she'll never, ever have real friends.
Maria School June 23, 2022 at 9:12 pm 0
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At the end of the day, high school isn’t all of it. I use to think it was everything, I graduated with no friends or family beside me. After all of this is through those people don’t matter they remain in your past as you keep moving forward. Focus on your career goals and go from there. I don’t have to be popular nor have friends what you need to be is successful and be happy during your journey.
Dooly 2 weeks ago
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