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mixed signals

mixed signals

I don’t know what we are. I don’t know how to feel. Every time this comes by it always fails. Every time I leave you keep coming back. What’s the deal? My hopes keep getting high but my mind is saying to keep it low. I did like you, I waited and waited but you never came back. But when I left you finally came to me. Why ask other people about me when you could have called. I really want this to work but I feel like we’re going to fall again with no one to catch us both. This is going to hurt a lot if it doesn’t work out. But if it doesn’t I’ll really leave and you won’t be able to come back. I don’t know what we are and yet you couldn’t tell me. I’ll be disappointed but not surprised.
Dooly Other June 23, 2022 at 9:14 pm 0
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I'm not sure if this could be you. I've been mistaken before about thinking someone on here is but I can't escape the gut feeling you do frequent here. One of the lines in this post is something I've known you to say before. I know the waiting isn't easy.

You sound like you're as scared and worried as I am. You probably are. What are we? We are like magnets, both repelled and drawn towards one another at the same time. As much as we have major differences, flip the magnets to their opposite sides and they become inseparable.

It could be the same for us, but you needn't worry because you're the one with all the power. I still don't want to give up and despite everything part of me believes we could make the impossible possible. We found eachother for a reason and I think there's very few people who can understand one another the way we intrinsically seem to.

I don't know if you believe in soulmates but if such a thing slim as the possibilities are and as far fetched as it seems, you could be.

I might just be a hopeless romantic for thinking that but what I am saying is that if this that I already made my choice long ago and that choice is you. Whether it works out or not is up to you. Technically both of us but you have the power to make the ultimate call. I think its worth it to try because something like what we might have is something that might only happen once in a lifetime.

I've told you before though that I don't have your number. Maybe you gave it to me on a defunct account but if you did it was deleted before I could see it.
anonymous 1 week ago
The problem with this kind of post is that it can literally apply to a whole bunch of and none of us want to make the first move as to not get hurt when we discover that “our person” is not the original poster. Hell, this whole day has felt like a RR rubber band bouncing my emotions back and forth. Funny thing, likely none of it was directed at this fella.
BM 1 week ago
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