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Fuck my metabolism. I eat 3-4000 calories a day and im still a mother fucking bean pole. I take multivitamins. I exercise plenty. I dont smoke pot. Where the fuck is this shit going? I've been doing everything I can to gain weight yet my BMI is still 15 after 12 years. Im sick and tired of being picked on. Im sick and tired of people making fun of how skinny I am. I just want people to take me seriously. Im stronger than I look yet no one gives a shit. Im constantly thinking everyone thinks im some meth addict because im 6 feet tall with barely any meat on my bones. Its all muscle. I have basically no body fat. I cant gain weight no matter what I do. From high calorie boost drinks to super gainer protein powder, nothing works. Fuck me does it hurt. When will this nightmare end.
anonymous Other August 05, 2022 at 10:46 pm 0
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The whey protein doesn't work and it's horrible for your heart health and vascular system, promotes inflammation. Eat pork, it always makes me fat the quickest. Not saying that's the healthiest either but chicharrones is always so damn good. Get prove with fat still on it. Look up what pork is best for chicharrones. Dice it up small and fry it up. It fries up in its own fat. Serve with corn tortillas and green Chile. + salt. Damn I'm hungry now.
Sar 7 days ago
R U saying that the new report shows that the pope will abdicate and amerca's Trump will become the new Pope just to be free from civil and criminal prosecution in his homeland? W T F?
charley hoarse 7 days ago
That sounds like blast feemy and aint nice at all...the rulers got good reasons for doi stuff to us which is above our pay graide to know nothing about.
billy boy bob bob 7 days ago
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