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Mental Health is a Joke

Mental Health is a Joke

Before you jump down my throat, I'll start off by saying that this DOES NOT APPLY TO THOSE WHO HAVE A VALID REASON TO SUFFER FROM MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. Example: Military personnel who suffer from PTSD/Depressiong/Anxiety. Abuse victims, sexual assault victims, etc. You are valid, I see and hear you and I totally understand. I hope you get the support and care you need to defeat those demons!

What this post is pertaining to is the rest of society who THINKS they have depression, or anxiety or PTSD, or whatever other mental health issue you think you have. I don't care if a doctor "diagnosed you" with this or that. It's literally so easy to walk into a doctors off and go "I feel sad" and them be like "Great, here's some medication!" All you have to do is Google symptoms and SURPRISE! You magically have a mental health issue. You 13 year old brats who hate your parents because they don't support your made up genders, do not have depression. You children who have anxiety issues because your parents scolded you for doing something wrong, do not have anxiety. Mental illness has been such a wide spread issue because the internet is at our finger tips. All we have to do is read a single article that says "Are you tired? Do you lack motivation? Do you sometimes feel sad? Guess what! You have depression!" Now suddenly, everyone is running around like mental illness is the next cool thing to have.

Do you know how many video I've seen of people faking mental illness and being exposed for it? It's disgusting. You people are literally disgusting. You force those who suffer with REAL issues, to go into hiding because you're over shadowing them with your false cries for help just so you can get attention.

YOU HAVE NO VALID REASONS TO SUFFER FROM MENTAL ILLNESS. I know, because I too thought I was depressed and anxious when I was a kid. Until I realized, I literally have no reason to feel this way and it's stupid, doing this. You want to be reliant on medications you don't need because you THINK you're depressed? Do you even know what that does to your body?

In short. I don't care if your parents don't support your made up gender, or their 10 year old wanting a sex change. I don't care if your teenage romance failed. I don't care if your best friend started talking shit about you and stopped wanting to hang out. It blows my mind to see all this soft parenting bullshit, or parents saying "I let little Jimmy stay home from school today, he needs a mental health break." What? Mental health break from what? He's 7!

As someone in their early 20s, the peek age where I should be "understanding" of these issues, I can confidentially say, I don't. I thought I had mental health issues too, but I don't. And neither do you. Get over it. Stop grabbing for attention, stop posting about it online, stop using it as an excuse not to work, or go to school. You're just lazy. You want everything handed to you. Get off your asses and get over that shit. Welcome to the real world. You don't get handouts if everyone else has to bust their ass. Your mental health is a joke. And I no longer feel sympathy for anyone who uses it as an excuse to get out of things, or who posts about it online.

You people make me sick, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. How dare you take away from those who truly need the help.
Anonymous Other September 22, 2022 at 12:32 pm 5
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Bwahahaha. Made me smile. I want to be a head mate of frog gender. Fuck off.
Nerp 2 weeks ago
Um this is not true- kids do suffer from depression, maybe the cause is not Abt friends or relationships but there are some more serious causes. Clearly you may not understand.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
okay, so wow. This was a very invalidating thing to write. as someone in there 20's you should have the basic understanding that all feelings are valid, and they can be understood. I get how you feel about the people who "fake" there depression or anxiety, it is sad. But it doesnt mean that they are stupid or have no reason to feel as if they have this issue. They may be like you and not be properly educated. Not to throw shade or anything, but as someone who has struggled with mental health before, and still is. Even when undiagnosed depression there is something called sadness, all feelings are valid. And maybe you didnt get the full information you needed to figure out why you were struggling growing up. Mental health issues are valid, they can be genetic, they can be caused by bullying, or breakups, its only one thing that you need to set you off to the deep end. Some cant control emotions as well as others. I was sexually molested for 7 years and also when I was 8 my mom died. Ive been abused by many adults in my life, Ive been poor, Ive been rich, Ive struggled. I wasnt diagnosed until I was attempting suicide. Some dont have the resources to see a doctor or to get help. Some arent as fortunate. Your dont need a dead parent or serious tramatic event to have a mental health sickness. Maybe you should reconsider your words and become more educated
mads 2 weeks ago
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