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Let me Live

Let me Live

"Why is your hair so messy? You look like a witch. Do you not comb?"
I do comb. i just keep scratching my hair because i'm irritated, hence why it's messy.

"Why don't you ever listen to me? You've changed, you were such a nice and obedient kid before."
I do listen, I just don't bother replying because it adds fuel to the fire. also, just 'cause I didn't do your chore the second you asked me to, doesn't mean i'm not nice and obedient. I'm sorry your orders aren't my first priority anymore? School is more important than you

"Why are you such a smart aleck? Are you on your period?"
Not everyone has the same sense of humor, my humor happens to be like this. I'm sorry I offended you? And no, I'm not on my period.

"Why do you talk the way you do? Respect your elders! Where do you learn these words? I bet they're from your friends, they're bad influences."
I talk the way I do because of my environment. I do respect my elders, but it's hard to respect you when you throw fits everytime I say something you don't agree with. I learned these words from you; please lower your voice when you talk to people, I have no desire in knowing about the porn you watch, how wet your lower region is for your online boyfriend, nor about Ellie and how she's such a slut for being in a consensual, poly relationship. My friends are nice.

"Why do you self harm? Am I not a good mother? Do you want to see me hurt? It's because of the things you see on the internet, that's why you self harm, right?"
I don't know why I self harm, but I know it's because I'm not okay. I know these are manipulation techniques, but you are a good mother and I don't want to see you hurt. I don't self harm because of the internet, again, it's the environment.

Just let me live.
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