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Latina rapper Culture Vulture

Latina rapper Culture Vulture

There is this Latina rapper who is pretending to be an Afro Latina. Her name is Princess Nokia. She is a mixed race woman with light brown skin, a long thin Caucasian nose( her mom is a White Latina) and loose wavy 2b hair! Yes she has loose hair naturally. Look at her video titled "TomBoy" after she became a big star ( she brutally beat up a White man in Cambridge, Massachusetts) she proclaimed she was a "Queer Afro Latina" and began to darken her skin 2 shades and get perms! 1 she is a straight woman that occasionally wears crop tops and men's jean's. She also lost 20 lbs and flaunts her 6 pack abs and flat buttocks. Shes worse then Cardi B. At least Cardi B can grow an afro. Fucking fake ass Princess Nokia models Adidas. With her flat ass.
Tisha Other April 21, 2019 at 2:11 pm 0
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"Princess Nokia"

Awesome, she is the self declared princess of those little candy bar phones with the tiny displays, and stupid MIDI ringtones wireless companies would rook you out of for 99 cents or more each.

Just her name alone tells me her music sucks, and I would get much more enjoyment listening to a belt sander.
anonymous 4 months ago
I agree with Anonymous.
Tiffa 4 months ago
She looks like a damn man!
Deshaun 4 months ago
I am Princess Sony Magnavox RCA Emerson, and all my music is phat motherfuckers! Doo doo doo doot!

And I am better than all of you! Doot doot doot doo!
anonymous 4 months ago
Princess Nokia is a tranny!
anonymous 4 months ago
Stop bieng jealous.
Marilyn 4 months ago
^I kan make krappie muzik to!

Lalalalal bling lalalala hoes lalalala big booty laa laa laa laa loo

Now give me millions of dollars
anonymous 4 months ago
The Anonymous crappy music lyrics in this thread are better than any thing that comes out of Princess Nokia's pork hole!
anonymous 4 months ago
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